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I ordered a pizza from my local Pizza Hut in Athens, GA and I’ve never had a problem with them anytime in the past. Always been really great experiences.

However, this particular time, the side orders arrived lukewarm and taste questionably prepared, the pizza was subpar, and the person I spoke with while figuring out what the issue with the toppings was curt and rude. And the toppings were EXTREMELY skimpy!!! And when I say skimpy, I mean as in NONEXISTANT!!! Seriously, I didn’t see, taste, nor smell bacon, jalepenos, or chicken.

I've been getting pizza from this Pizza Hut for two years, and have never had a problem, but this is unacceptable. I’m not sure if it has been a long night of something of that sort, but I know Pizza Hut can do better than forgetting what was ordered, as well as a bit of courtesy. I still haven't received word from anyone at my local Pizza Hut, nor from anyone at customer service. I would like a full refund, and I'm sorely disappointed.

I will be sure to leave a negative review of service at Pizza Hut if I don’t receive any feedback from this issue, and I am terribly disappointed indeed.

Its been two weeks and I've still not heard back from anyone. DON'T EAT HERE EVER!!!!

Review about: Pizza Hut Chicken Wings.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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It's been two weeks and you're still "terribly disappointed" about toppings on a pizza? I envy you what must otherwise be a tranquil and beautiful life!


No FREE MEAL for you today! So sad.

Now cry about Dominoes and perhaps they will give you something for free!!! :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh

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