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I ordered a pizza knowing there would be an hour and twenty-five minute delivery time. After one hour 45 minutes I received a call to tell me my pizza was done when was I picking it up.

I told them it was for delivery not pick up. The response was "oh, it was", an hour and twenty minutes later it was delivered only to be the wrong pizza and without the ordered wings. We waited another hour only to have another wrong pizza, cold, and after 10PM. That was enough for me, we had wings for dinner and I tossed out the pizza we could not eat it, too dry!

I was already receiving a discount because they could not get the last order correct. This needs to be ALL CAPS I WILL NEVER ORDER AGAIN FROM PIZZA HUT!

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Pizza Hut is high priced bread. Over the last few years I have noticed less sauce, toppings and cheese but MORE bread.


Pizza Hut creates the most bland food and still charges a pretty penny for it. All of the toppings arrive at the restaurant frozen, which is why the veggies are always soggy.

There is hardly any cheese on their pizza; there are always bared batches on it. Even when ordering Cheese Lovers, there is still barely a single layer of cheese.

And on top of low quality, the customer service is almost as bad as McDonalds. I quit eating at Pizza Hut.

La Prairie, Quebec, Canada #158842

Pizza Hut seems to be going down hill these days.

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