Today on 27th June 2013, I had a very unsatisfactory experience at Pizza Hut restaurant situated at F-10 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan. I went to take out an Large Pizza (splitza) stuffed crust with cheese. I was in the line to place order while the Pizza Hut employees were having their own talks and fun never entertaining customers for more than 10 minutes. Well I placed my order. The employees are not up to the standard. They aren't educated for Pizza Hut. They dont have that amount of training and information to be employed at Pizza Hut. There is no manager looking for the system. I mean what slap this restuarant giving to Pizza Hut International Standard.

I came back after 15 minutes to pick my order. My order just came behind me. I took it for 4 people who were really hungry. I reached home in 5 mins opened the pizza box. And all of us were shocked to see such a pizza. The presentation to pizza while cooking it really went terribly wrong and seriously i never had this much bad pizza in my life, specially from pizza hut. The crust was so hard, there was almost no cheese, the chicken they used was over cooked to I guess it must have been pretty old one. It tasted so bad and felt ashamed of what I bought those people and myself a very very bad pizza from a highly standard pizza house "Pizza Hut".

There were many other good and great pizza restaurants on my way and other fast food like KFC, McDonalds, Gloria Jeans, Hardees etc. But I chose Pizza Hut. My compliant really might be a the voice of 100 or 1000 other customers in the area living in the Capital City of Pakistan, having this bad Pizza right now or in future. I would also like to quote that please do send some of your international delegations to carefully observe, check and evaluate the standards of these restaurants in Pakistan, that how are they really selling low standard Pizza Hut. Please do check to your franchises in Pakistan.

I would like to also personally mail a written complaint to Pizza Hut, Inc. 7100 Corporate Drive, Plano, TX 75024. U.S.A.

Back in January 2013 I had a bad experience on delivery for which I complained to the same restaurant's manager. Plus again few months back I wanted to order a pizza at my own work place, its a shop. And when I called 051-111-241-241, they told me that they don't deliver pizzas to shop now. I guess that doesn't happen with ANY other Fast Food and Restaurants delivery.

I hope a strict action will be taken to resolve the issues and to make the Pizza Hut's standards up to the mark.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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