We were waiting in line to place an order at the cash register and the people in front of us had a situation that required a manager. This pimply faced kid comes up and swipes his card and walks back to the kitchen without even seeing if he helped or not.

Of course he hadn't and the counter person had to go back and get him to come back.

When I said to him, "don't walk away until you have the problem fixed this time," he said, "I was trying to make sure you get your food!" I told him I had never seen anyone treat an employee so condescendingly and rudely in my life. He smirked and told me to have a nice day and take my business elsewhere.

Review about: Pizza Hut Manager.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Longview, Texas, United States #664757

Good for you sticking up for the employee needing help. Who wants to see employees mistreated or anyone mistreated.

It is sad to see others who could clearly help sit on their thumbs instead of helping or manage properly.

The smirk may be a sign his family owns the place or relative. The advice of taking your business elsewhere is a good sign I hope others do the same.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #661380

You were sticking your nosey nose where it didn't belong. Learn to mind your own business.


Good for him. Mind your own buisness. I wouldnt have been as nice as he was

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