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Batavia, IL (Wilson St) Pizza Hut claimed delivery in 45mins-1hr. After the hr passed we called to learn that our pizza had just been sent 7mins before personally by GM John.

After calling the driver who stated she would be another 10-15mins, we asked to pick up 2 new pizzas as we only live 10mins away. GM John refused & refused our request for refund - & hung up! Not until we walked in the door 10mins later, did he comply with our refund as he felt 'threatened' for being called "foolish". Never was there a discount, coupon, or any apology attempted.

When asked for his supervisor, he refused as well. Goodbye Pizza Hut.

Review about: Pizza Hut Coupon.

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We"re talking about 'fast-food' here - JOKE.

*And of course we got the refund, LOL.


You want a refund and coupon after threatening the guy?can you say mooch?

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