Not only did I sit and wait on a Pzone for an hour when I asked to speak to the manager he 1st would not come to speak to me. I am currently 9months pregnant. I walk over to the counter and ask to speak to him AGAIN he laughs with the cashier. As soon as he comes over I ask for his name and the reginal manager name and the corperate number.

I am a customer service trainer for AT&T and this is TOTALLY unexceptable in my eyes. He didnt even know what I was upset about and even while he was writing down the information I requested he was still blowing me off. I would NEVER suggest Pizza hut store #01233 2759 West Oakland Park Boulevard, Oakland Park, FL - (954) 735-7606.

The manager on duty was Jean Joseph and the store manager, not present, is Leo Hernedez who I plan on visiting girst thing Monday morning!!!! Dont waste you time on this DUMP!!!

Review about: Pizza Hut Pizza.

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First of all, maybe he didn't know what you were upset about because the employee you originally complained to didn't tell him anything. How was he blowing you off?

He wrote down the information that you requested. I don't see anyone, much less a lady 9 months pregnant, waiting an hour for a pzone before speaking up.

Finally, have you ever tried calling AT&T customer service? From what I read on hear, you don't do a very good job of training those folks.


Maybe he didn't know what you were upset about because the ist person you complained to didn't tell him. How was he blowing you off if he wrote down the information you requested? Finally, why did you wait an hour before complaining, I would have been asking after about 15 minutes (depending on how busy they were.




Stop eating Pzones.

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