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Racial profiling on me was horrible to the point where they would bring in sweets and I wasn't allowed to have any on many occasions I would go in on my days off I am disabled they know I can only work so many hours yet I always stayed and cleaned up nobody ever cleaned or wrapped meat or vegetables or labeled food was served cold sometimes even have cooked I worked at a Pizza hut when I was 15 first few years when stuff Christ first came out and had to show the crew how to do it correctly they never learned my name I was referred to as hey you or white girl I watched everybody eat free food or get 50 to 75% discounts while I paid full price I was never trained on the computer on the preps uncut table but I did it all and Savannah the district manager that was there for the one shift can vouch for it that I worked every single station and had to figure it out myself I left on a bad note because I was called a b**** and I was making $8 an hour and that is not enough to take verbal and mental abuse.

User's recommendation: Don't go there.

Location: Savannah, Georgia

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I used to be a dumpster diver in Vermont and would make around $8 a day on a good day in the summer when people would be drinking alot. I endured verbal abuse and would have bottles thrown upside my head from above while diving at one apartments dumpster. So I know how you feel

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