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I have stayed in the lithonia area since 1996....and the pizza hut on south deshon customer service skills have went down the drain. Over the past few months I have had to wait 30 plus minutes for a pizza that Ive ordered online.

I have had them make the wrong pizza and realize it at the last minute..once i open up my pizza box..I have had them hand me someone else pizza..All of this with no apology and no kind of compensation. Once I was in the drive thru for 48 minutes..Could not get out because its a narrow one way drive thru..I had to call them on my cell and ask them if they could ask the lady in front of me to pull up and park since they were not doing it..and once again no apology for the wait or any kind of compensation. Well today I ordered a pizza online..the pick up time was 7:21. Knowing this business so well..i decided to leave my house at 7:30.

I get inside of pizza hut and I get no greeting no nothing. I stand at the counter in front of 2 employees and no one said can I help you..or can you give us a minute. A guy that was outside comes in and they automatically started to help him. He was one of their friends.

They gave him a pizza and he left. Still no one has greeted me or acknowledge me. After about another 4 minutes one girl comes to me and says pick up or you ordering! I said pick up.

She said name..I told her. She told me the total and went and got my pizza..I handed her my money and I was given my change. All of this with no eye contact or anything. Its sad when you get treated like this.

I go their because its convenient. But the customer service is no where to be found at this location. I have even seen the Managers get rude.Can anything be done about this.

Who do I go to beside this website to complain? I am seriously thinking about giving all of my business to papa johns or driving the distance to another pizza hut

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You go to the Pizza Hut web site.

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