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This is the Pizza Hut at 4250 Fredricksburg Rd in San Antonio Tx.

Original review posted by user Aug 16, 2011

On 8/11/11 I ordered a family deal of 2 medium pizzas, double order of breadsticks and a 2 liter of soda. I ordered online with a credit card.

I received the email confirmation that everything was ok. When the driver came to the door, 10 minutes late (apparently Pizza Hut's delivery time is really the "put it in the car" time) he proceeded to tell me that I needed to pay. I told him I paid with a credit card and he told me that he didn't see it on the slip. He refused to show me the slip and never actually looked at it himself.

He got on his cell phone and called ME. I had to yell at him to get him to look up to see that he was calling me, not someone else. I told him to take the stuff back as I didn't want to deal with him and his apparent stupidity. He then told me to order from Dominos.

I called the store and asked to speak to the manager. The manager confirmed that the pizzas were paid for. I told the manager this was the 2nd time and 2nd order since July 28th that my order was messed up. He never apologized or offered to have the order sent back out.

I asked for my money back. He still never offered to send it back out. He refunded me my money, then told me afterwards that it would be 30 days. We argued over this, said it was between me and the bank, that I wanted my money back so he gave it to me.

When I asked for the corporate number he refused to give it to me and told me to "google it" I called the customer service number and was told that someone would call me. It's now Tuesday, I called the local coroporate number yesterday 8/15/11 and was told at 11 am that the district manager was in a meeting. I waited till 8pm for a call back and nothing. I'm not expecting one today or ever either.

Thank you Pizza Hut. I thought I'd give your greasy pizza another chance. I love it, but not your customer service. Goodbye Pizza Hut.

Hello Dominos and Papa Johns. I'd rather get on public transit and do carry out from Papa Johns then order from Pizza Hut.

Review about: Pizza Hut Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Nice job calling the driver ***, I'm sure they were all back at the store laughing about how ridiculous you were anyway.



The driver made an honest mistake, get over it. Also, 10 mins late on a delivery is nothing, sometimes.. there can be traffic.. Get over yourself.

And wtf is a customer service line? You can order your pizzas on the phone with the store or online..


Shut the *** up buggie you newfag faggotass 5 year old masturbating ***


You should consider working on your people skills before ordering food, visiting a store, or even going out into public again. You have poor communication skills and need to learn to treat others with respect.

You obviously learned much less in your 20 years of experience than the average minimum wage Pizza Hut worker learns on their first day. Good luck


Actually the only time I yelled at the driver was when I tried to get his attention. Scenario: Driver: (Calling number on his cell phone) Me: (My phone rings.) "Hello?" Driver: "Hello?

Who's this?" Me: (hearing echo of driver's voice irl and on my phone) "Me. The person who's doorway you're standing in." Driver: "Hello? Hello? Who's this." Me: "Look up." Driver: "Hello?" Me: "LOOK UP!

YOO HOO!! YO!" (Jumping up and down waving hands frantically in front of his face. As were the other two people in the house. I'm sure the cat would have bit his ankle if he thought it would have done any good.

The cat is a Maine Coon after all. They have their own agendas and everyone else be damned.)

As for the rest of what you wrote, well to be perfectly honest with you I didn't bother to read it. Sorry.

I think my 20 plus years of working with people via phone, retail, fast food, and restaurant jobs holds trump to you're couple of years working at Pizza Hut for minimum wage. When you get more people experience under your belt then we'll talk.


@buggie26 - Actually I have worked for Pizza Hut so I know what must have happened.

When you pay with a credit card, there are two receipts that print out for the driver. The normal receipt and the receipt for the customer to sign. The driver must have either not gotten or lost the second receipt. It happens.

He tried to call Pizza Hut to find out if you had already paid with a card or were just scamming him. Both the customer's phone number and the phone number to the Pizza Hut are close to each other on the receipt so he accidentally dialed the wrong number. No big deal, right?

What you need to learn is that yelling at someone that is trying to help you only makes things worse. You paid for your pizza and then yelled at your delivery driver and refused to accept it so you don't deserve to receive your pizza or money back. I don't understand how you expect to be able to act like that and still be treated with respect.


@ItsJustMe? How am I a horrible person and mean customer when THEY were the ones that tried to double dip by telling me I didn't pay?

THEY were the ones that REFUSED to tell me the number for the local corporate office and told me to GOOGLE it? (I called another store and they were more than willing to give me the number. THEY were the ones that DIDN'T bother to tell me it would take 30 days to get my money back before giving it back. (in which case I'd have said bring the pizza back out.

Finally, THEY were the ones who I contacted THREE (3) times, once through the customer service line, once through the local corporate number and once through the national corporate number and NO ONE EVER Called or emailed me?

You must work for Pizza Hut. :? :roll


Wow! I bet everyone at Pizza Hut is glad that you won't be ordering from them again! You're a horrible customer and a mean person!


They have bad corporate too.l


it all depends on the manager of the store.... some stores just have poor management


Since corporate won't call me back I emailed my complaint. I've also left a message at corporate and told them I didn't appreciate being blown off.

Too bad.

I was actually liking their pizza again. Pizza Hut's gone to *** in a handbasket since they went to a customer service line to order your pizza.

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