Greetings, my name is Jason Demarco and I am a team member at the Pizza Hut location 428 W St Georges Ave, Linden, NJ 07036. I am writing this in regards to very many concerns I have with this specific location on behalf of both the customers and I. First, I would like to open this letter with the concerns I have with the management team. The senior manager, Alex, does not show the quality that a true manager shows. For example, I have received 2 write ups in the past 3 weeks. The first one was in regards to me not entering my tips into the computer when I punch out at the end of my shift. Alex has claimed that he has told me that I need to report my tips during my interview, but I was not aware of having to do that, he did not even give me a verbal warning, he decided to tell me one month later, many other employees have received write ups concerning that matter. The second matter I would like to address is I have received a second write up for taking too long to leave after being dispatched for a delivery. Before I leave, I always check my ticket for soda, and I also check the bags to make sure all the items on the ticket are in the bag, when a majority of the time, there are 1 to 2 items missing from the bag due in fault to the staff improperly and inaccurately handling orders, I type in my location into my GPS and then I depart. Again, I was not given a verbal warning concerning this matter and Alex decides to randomly bring this to my attention 2 months into my employment. I feel as if Alex is very disrespectful, unprofessional, disorganized, degrading, and he should be terminated for his atrocious conduct. At the end of this letter, I am going to copy and paste the very many consumer complaints that were placed on google. I am very concerned for the customers because of the lack of sanitation and improper food handling that I witness daily. Last week, I walked into the men's lavatory and looked to the left at the sink and it was filled to the top with vomit. I informed my manager about it immediately and it was not cleaned up for at least 5 hours after I reported it, a customer even saw it and was grossed out. I regret to inform you of one of your franchises committing such violations, but I feel as if this is my civic duty on behalf of the consumers and employees of this establishment. If this matter is not addressed immediately, I am going to inform the department of health and the Better Business Bureau of this matter. Please feel free to contact me sikmtriple7@gmail.com or call my cell at 732-882-6700. Thank you for granting me this opportunity to address these concerns. I hope for a major improvement to better the success of this franchise.


Jason V. Demarco

Team Member

Customer Reviews

Sean Marcellin

a month ago-

Unprofessional found a bed bug in my in my food guy was picking his nose while making my food girl was texting at register service is horrible only person in there that helped me was a girl name amarachi

Jose Rivera

2 months ago-

We called in one simple order and 1 hour and a half later got something we did not order. When we called back to complain they said they had a shortage of drivers and couldn't do anything about it. Offered to give us store credit instead of refunding and told me that I can throw the food we had received away if I wanted (the manager said this). Horrible service. Never ordering from here again AND I will send an email to their offices about this specific location.

Gsophia Georges

7 months ago

Worst customer service ever! rude & unprofessional.

Big June

Big June

2 years ago

Come to Pizza Hut to cool off on the hottest day this summer & the AC do not work how can you enjoy your pizza in a hot restaurant please get it together & the rest rooms are horrible & I went to the counter looked in the back where they prepare the food the man took a pan & push the garbage down with it and placed it back on the counter with the food that go to costumers. So please never eat from there me & my wife walked out!!!!!

Max Queen

Max Queen

a year ago

Pizza hut of Linden must be the absolute worst location in the chain!! If they have a delivery driver, why does it take a hour and a half EVERY time you order for delivery? Call in service is shotty at best, at counter service horrible, and how can this place be so dirty? Management and staff are pretty much worthless... be careful when placing order cause they will FLAT OUT LIE to you about what they put on your ticket for delivery! I wish Corporate would come out and check on the quality of this location. And for the adventurous type, this is the service that people pay big bucks for in NYC!

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