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I was told when I ordered by phone, it would be 20-30 minutes.I waited 45 minutes before I went to pick it up.

When I got there, they said it would 15 minutes before it was ready. I waited another 20 minutes, then asked for my food again. They pulled it off a shelf, and I had been there the whole time. I had ordered hand tossed crust.

When I inspected it, I stated it isn't hand tossed, was told it was.Well, might have been, but was very thin, and the pizza was soggy once home.

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I've worked as a kitchen manager in 4 different restaurants in the past 10 years, all have had carry out services.When we quote an order for 20-30 minutes, and they don't show up for 15-25 minutes, we have to remake the food.

It's not a choice. It's a pain, but we did it for the customer, to make sure their food was as fresh as possible.

Maybe they did that in your case, but just grabbed the wrong pizza?I agree though, they don't seem to care at pizza hut.

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