aug 25th I called for a delivey at 11:20pm. They never showed up.

Called the next day redialed same number on my cell Sunday 26th at 2:53 pm and the First lady was nice and polite and said there will be a 26 dollar credit for this number since the order was never put in.So i ordered again that day at 8:59pm and the bill was 28 so we paid the difference and tipped the driver(very polite) and I get a call back by a different lady and she said that I had a balance dew of 18 and some cents and I told her about the credit that I recieved earlier that day and she said in a HARASSING tone that they will not deliver again until we pay the balance and that there was no record of the credit. She thought I was lying to her and demanded that I pay the balance. Being a resturant worker myself I would LOSE MY JOB if i treated a customer this way.

(Albert Lea MN) Pizza Hut. NO good.

Monetary Loss: $28.

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