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Called ordered my pizza for delivery after a hour and fifteen minutes I was told 35 to 40 minutes I call back the lady tells me sorry call back in 15 minutes if it is not there so I do they tell me sorry and put me through to the store after 10 minutes on hold and before I can even speak get hung up on so I call back another 15 minutes to get through still no pizza I get told sorryagain and wait on hold another 15 minutes for the manager she gets on the phone and the pizza guy finally shows up pissed at this point she try to tell me sorry that it is not her fault it didn't get placed at the store because there phone was busy that I talked to headquarters and placed my order to take it up with them when I placed the order they told me 37$ the guy gets here tells me 47 $ no receipt no its my fault from the manager no ill wave the delivery fee no nothing why the pizza guy is here the manager hangs up on me again do I pay the guy call them tell them how I order there all the time and I now don't ever want to eat pizza hut again because it took over two hours and no one is taking responsibility they tell me to make a complaint which im doing and im also telling everyone I no and putting it on Facebook and your guys website what happened tonight was completely out of line I want to speak with someone asap regarding this my number is 219 805 9793 and the store is on 81st ave in Merrillville Indiana......

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They have the worst customer service! I agree, the hold u before even u can say something....bad bad bad customer service! I am going to boycott pizza hut with all the people I know!!!


Longest sentence ever!

to Anonymous Columbus, Ohio, United States #790109

Lol!! :grin

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