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I had a terrible experience with one of your Greensboro, NC Pizza Hut locations today during my lunch hour. I placed an order online at 12:53 (using my own name and cell phone number, NOTHING to do with my place of employment except for the address, NOT ever the business name) for a personal pan pizza to which i added cheesy bread sticks so that my total would be enough for delivery.

It was a rainy day, I work for a doctors office on a limited lunch and am pregnant. An hour after I placed my order I called the location and asked about my order. I was very upset that it was taking so long. The manager and I were both frustrated.

She asked what doctor's office I worked for and wanted my personal information, I told her she had all she needed with my order. She told me she couldn't help me if I didn't give her the personal information she needed. I felt she had everything she need in my order. She then hung up on me.

About three minutes later the delivery lady arrived and I asked if there was any "wait policy" and that I had spoken with the manager and was upset. There were three co-workers present as well as a patient who had just walked into our office. I did not get mad at the driver at all. After all of that the manager called back on my personal cell phone, we settled the issues and she even gave a $10 credit toward my future purchase, which probably won't happen.

The most FRUSTRATING part of the whole situation is the fact that this manager then googled the address that I used for my delivery order and got my place of employment's work information. She "privately" called my work place and wouldn't give my office manager her information and told the office manager that I was very mean to the driver. First of all we had other staff and a patient in the practice checking in with another receptionist while the driver was speaking with me, so I would NOT have been mean to someone in front of a patient! Two, I CANNOT believe she took the time (that she needs to be using to cut down on one hour orders for personal pan pizzas) to track down my employer via the address I used and complained to my boss about me.

Please explain to me why a personal order that I placed had anything to do with contacting my boss? Because she delivered to my place of employment? Well where else was I going to have the pizza delivered? What happened today had absolutely nothing to do with contacting my business when the whole order was placed on my lunch break!

I was also informed that in the future if I place an order online on a rainy day I need to call the location and get the correct countdown time because the one online won't be correct for a rainy day. I work approximately five miles from this location. My order was placed at 12:53 and delivered at 1:52. I was also told that she didn't have to deliver to my office anymore and that she could put us on a don't deliver list because of the way I was.

What I did had nothing to do with my coworkers, my employers or my place of business. What happened should have been handled between us and left between us. There was no need for her to call my employer an hour after the fact to complain to her about how I was. She had nothing to do with what happened while I was OFF the clock, the office was closed and I was using my own personal information, own personal contact information and own form of payment.

Regardless of how long the order took please explain to me why she felt the need to contact, my employer, who wasn't even present when this happened? What did my employer need to know about my lunch order and my complaint to her?

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue. The author is overall dissatisfied with Pizza Hut. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I agree the manager's actions were inappropriate but I cannot understand why you would not give the name of the business where you were having food delivered to. Why would it be a secret when the driver is going to see the name of your business when they deliver your food. BTW: what would you being pregnant have to do with this complaint??

Topsham, Maine, United States #956336

I think the lady dealing with the Greensboro Pizza Hut has a VERY valid grievance. I think she was violated by the Pizza Hut management. It would be interesting if corporate ever sees these gripes and to see if this lady received an apology or satisfaction!

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #954690

Contact Pizza Hut if you wish to file a complaint. And just so you are aware your delivery time has nothing to do with how close you are to the restaurant or the

fact that you ordered a personal pan.

It has to do with how many other deliveries there are ahead of you.

Do yo think customers who ordered before you should have to wait because you are closer? You need to grow up.


This isn't the Pizza Hut web site, you are on a general complaint site.

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