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While running errands tonight, my boyfriend and I figured we'd place an order on pizza huts mobile app and swing by the drive-thru on our way home.

We ordered 2 orders of boneless wings (buffalo mild and garlic parm), along with an order of cheesy bread. When we got to the window, we were told to go onto their website and give them great reviews (which I cannot find anywhere on the website to contact management or main office). I googled it, and the link wasn't found.. Go figure. We were also told that there was an extra, free order of wings in our bag. Excited as we were, we tipped.. And we usually don't on drive-thru.

As my boyfriend started on his buffalo wings, I dug into my garlic parm wings. First bit.. Ok. I take my next *** and spit it out because my wing was very chewy. I cut into another wing and it tastes funky. I investigate my wing a bit and it looks pink. While I'm investigating my wing, My boyfriend spits of piece of his out. I had asked what was wrong and he said his was chewy. So now, my boyfriend is paranoid about his wings now and investigates his.. Couldn't tell if it was pink like mine was, but after another ***, still was chewy.

I opened up our free set of wings, which were garlic parm. I go to cut the wing in half to make sure everything was cooked ok and couldn't cut through. So, Pizza Hut gave us a free set of wings, but with the bone in. Gah! Totally bummed. After this point, we were hungry, not even for the rest of our garlic bread.

We took our food out to the kitchen for some better light and I'm glad we didn't eat anymore. Our wings were so undercooked, I was coughing and gagging so much. I literally thought I was going to throw up.

Below are some pictures of the wings, the difference between the bone in (darker brown- a little more cooked) compared to the undercooked wings that were completely red inside :(

If you have a weak stomach like I do, sorry about the pictures!

What a waste of food and $19.50!

Reason of review: Food undercooked.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Great customer service, Friendly staff, Good deals and promos.

I didn't like: Service, Undercooked food, Quality of food.

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Both Pizza Huts in our area have closed.


I guess the thought never occurred to you to return the bad food to the place you bought it for a refund? Derp.


That looks absolutely revolting.


Anyway, black ppl should stop eating sh@t food.

to John_D Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, United States #1011771

baby boomers should stop trying to use the internet

to simon #1060421

True story...

to simon #1104667

I am a baby boomer, and I forgot more about the internet and computers than you will ever know

Michigan, United States #923465

your bf sounds like a real winner ....


Those wings look nasty. I'm getting sick just looking at them.

to anonymous Mentor, Ohio, United States #916071

Yeah, if I ever cooked wings like that for my boyfriend he would slap me and tell me to recook them. I remember one time when I put too much seasoning in his chicken he was so angry, he slapped me and would not speak to me for a week until I apologized, then he apologized for slapping me.

to meg3183 Orange, California, United States #916072

Your boyfriend sounds like a real piece of work, sounds like you need to find someone better. Bet he would not slap around another man.

to meg3183 Marionville, Missouri, United States #922573

Any so called man slaps a girl need the *** kicked out of him for being a ***.I would like him to slap me and see what happens!

Ooops sorry my fork got stuck in your gut!Woose

to meg3183 Marionville, Missouri, United States #922574

You know if you eat raw chicken you can die.Right?

So I would contact Pizza Hut Corporate and they will follow up with the owner of the Hut you went to. If you have the receipt, that would be even better.

Good luck. If you need more help.


to meg3183 Largo, Florida, United States #923153

Lol I think undercooked wings is the least of your very very large problems lmao

to meg3183 Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #929289

I would've shoved that chicken up his a$$ and then packed his effin bags for him. You're a fool.

to meg3183 #1062494

I know what you mean girl. I once put mild instead of hot sauce on wings that I deep fried, and my boyfriend threw me onto the floor and urinated all over me. Its ok though, he apologized and then I made a new batch of wings.

to meg3183 Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, United States #1210836

he'd be fixing his own *** chicken because he sure wouldn't be my boyfriend!

Aurora, Colorado, United States #915264

All you would have to do is take them back to get your money back---even the next day or the next week.Just freeze food items that are problematic and take them back.

Pizza Hut or any other major chain would refund your money. They also would then have a record of a complaint about the food and the employee who gave it to you. You must admit, having raw chicken is an unusual occurrence at Pizza Hut or anywhere else and management would certainly want to stop it from ever happening again.

The fact that you got free wings makes me think there was something else going on, since that alone would have been theft on the part of an employee.

Return the wings, even if you have to dig them out of the trash, to show how raw they were and get your money back as well as knowing that some action will be taken about the employee.

to Arietta Mentor, Ohio, United States #916068

Thanks, I hope that employee gets fired. If I ever served wings like this to my boyfriend he would slap me and tell me to recook them until they are proper.

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