We have lived at the same address for 12 years and Pizza Hut has always delivered to house, the last order that we placed with them back in 2008 was $100.00 in pizza.

When I ordered pizza the next time, they said that our house was pick up only now, but they deliver to my brother-in-law that lives 3 houses away.

I have called several times and they said it was a glitch in their new computer system and I would have to have the manager override the system every time that I would like to place an order.

What a hassle, I can't order online, I have to call them. It is easier to place an order somewhere else.

Besides now I am just mad that they have never responded to any of my emails and addressed the situation.

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Same problem ...


I don't know who to complain to about going to sleep hungry order my pizza like 3 hours ago I gave me the right address right phone number but they told me that they couldn't find the motel I'm in Farmington New Mexico


An "upgrade" to the GIS map used to validate addresses removed your address from the "delivery to" database -- and it won't be updated again until the next annual patch, if it is ever brought to the attention of the GIS vendor (which I do not know the name of, as the logo never showed, and the manager is very secretive).


i'm a good tipper, the delivery person never leaves with less than $4. they've always delivered my online orders, but suddenly 3 in a row they dont come. idk whats wrong with those *** lol.


Are you a notoriously bad tipper?

not condoning cutting you off...just wondering.


What pizza hut are you ordering from?


Ahhhhh yes the ol computer glitch. I'll bet it's an evil one that hates you.

It hates yer soul!

I guess cooking is a concept no longer practiced in your house?

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