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I go online to order my pizza there's a deal on 2 large pizzas and breadsticks I customize my pieces I hit the no crust flavor on both pieces they put Garlic on both pizzas despite me asking for no garlic of the cheese pizza as you can see in the picture is burnt around the crust I call their she refunded me only $20 of my order with my order was 25.33 I paid for a delivery of the pizza that I ordered she didn't want to give me my full return and just cover my whole pizza and the delivery cost she only wanted to give me $20 or what I paid for I called you the first time I spoke with the lady not and some lady and I told her that my daughters are allergic to or garlic I'm allergic to garlic and that if my kids will you know took a bite of that piece and had allergic reaction I would have sued them and she simply just hung the phone up in my face so I call back and some other manager gets picked up the phone this has happened more times than I can count please deal with the management there because this is not the first time not the second time that the third time that the fourth time is keep on happening and they are refusing to correct the error and they want to give you partial payment or what you paid for I paid for the pizza that I ordered this is the Pizza Hut in Aiken South Carolina area code 29801 located on York Street

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Punctuation would help a whole lot.

If they keep doing this, then why do you keep ordering from them?


Say what?!

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