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Pizza Hut started with the pan pizza and had it for decades before they added the new crusts and they were all the same price except for stuffed crust. Now Pizza Hut charging a dollar more for a pan pizza.

I was only buying Pizza Hut 4 to 6 times a year. Now it will be zero.

The pizza is not the same as it was in the 80s, so I am not going to miss it. Since I need at least 100 words in my review before I can proceed,this is going to be filler that has nothing to do with the review.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pizza Hut Pan Pizza.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I just had Pizzz Hut Pizza...didn't know about the crust change...Hate It. I won't order again. The old crust was unmatched by other franchises...change is not always good.


I agree!


Not just a dollar more at our location. But, $2.00 more and additional charge for 1/2 and 1/2 pizza.

I have ordered the same pan crust pizza for years. It has gone up $4.00 in price in just a matter of a very short time. When I asked how they could charge more than the advertised prices on the web, they said “they are a “different “ company. Really?

Then change you name!I’m with you, NO MORE business from me. Either get with the parent company or change your name.And yes, companies have the “right”, but, you are obviously a young person in a metropolitan area.

We live in a small, rural community. Not exactly apples to apples.


Companies have a right to change their prices at ANY given time for ANY reason. They have to as costs of EVERYTHING go up all the time.

Don't like it??

Don't buy from there. See, simple.


One time Pizza Hut tried to pass a medium pizza in a large pizza box. They claimed it was a large pizza--how SHADY is that?!!!

I measured it (14" is the large and 12" is their medium pizzas. I took a picture of the pizzas and brought them back--there was a 2" INCH DIFFERENCE!!!

The manager realized the difference. MAKE SURE YOU LOOK INSIDE YOUR PIZZA BOX before taking it home or bring a ruler.


It is OUTRAGEOUS--Pizza Hut should NEVER charge extra for a PAN CRUST. I was going to get two medium pizza and when the cashier told me it was going to be extra for PAN pizza I walked out.


100% agree, changing the dough my *** the original crust got them to where they are now, I'm ashamed of Pepsi and Yum


I agree completely. Pizza Hut is good, but it just feels shady and money-grubbing slipping in that extra dollar charge for pan pizza.

One of their reps told me it is because they were adding more cheese to the pan pizza. We just got some tonight that doesn't even look like there is any cheese on it. Seems like just another way to scam the consumer out of more money.

Think tonight will be the last time we buy anything from them. As consumers, we have to stop rewarding these companies with our money when they pull this kind of garbage.


What was aggravating to us was that their "2 medium 2 topping pizzas for 5.99 each" displayed a pan pizza right there on the banner outside the store! The cashier could let the customer know when taking their order.

To the person whom was complaining about our taking time to share our experiences here, when adding more for a pan, in some areas, the discount barely applies! Enough with the fine print and the like!

to Badbusiness #1458697

The cashier doesn't HAVE to let the customers know anything! It's clear that NO ONE here understands how marketing works.

ALL companies do similar things.

Including clothing & food stores. Geez Louise people.....sit through a business class for once!

to Kevin #1461201

Actually if you have a picture of a product advertising at $5.99 but can't order that product for that price, then there is an issue there. It isDeceptive marketing (while actually they just haven't updated their ads to reflect the change).

So actually yes, the cashier very well should explain or they will be making the pizza in the image for the price adverised and eating the loss. Sincerely, A business major

to Kevin #1476849

How about a civil liability class for business owners? Because if you show me a thing, and a price for that thing, then won't give me that thing for that price, I have a winning lawsuit on my hand.Besides, the bigger issue than what's legal, is what is right.

More companies than not have gone out of business because of shady practices.

It'll give you a little profit boost short term, but over time it'll drive away customers.Ultimately, whether a customer is right or wrong, the company is outright stupid if they don't at least hear the customer out. Coming onto a message board and telling someone, with a valid complaint, that they're wrong and defending the business is going to do more harm than good in the long run.

to Kevin #1505937

It is good business practice to tell the customer of the price change and not just break it off in somebody Kevin. I knew a Kevin once before - he was a *** to.


Yes, cannot believe we paid $2 extra each pizza for pan crust ($4) on carryout, so we didn't tip (sorry workers, complain to corporate...hopefully you got raises with the improved economy to compensate). Not only that, they took crushed tomato sauce off of the sauce options online.

AND NOT ONLY THAT, their marinara TASTES LIKE A TIN CAN and is bitter, and they also ***changed*** the pan crust flavor/texture since we last ordered in December 2017, which now tastes just FLAT (not as bad as cardboard yet or their awful hand tossed which is really messed up because it is just too sweet and has some kind of disgusting spice/seasoning!). NOT TO MENTION the cheese tonight tasted like plastic. Perhaps this is a result of their promise to try to remove artificial preservatives, etc., but they promised this wouldn't change the flavor profile of their pizzas (har har). But either way, they have now limited their choices in too many ways AND WE WON'T BE COMING BACK save some miracle return to their former ingredients, pan crust, and menu (it was already enough when I had to accept when they pulled anchovies from the menu a couple years ago).

We bought from Pizza Hut about 12 times (once a month) in 2017 for 8 to12 people, and were very happy overall because our local Dominos made terrible changes and the pizza was just awful, so Pizza Hut was our last bastion for affordable non-frozen, ready pizza. Every other option in our area (PORTLAND, OR) is pretty much "artisan" hipster pizza that you are going to pay an arm and leg for, and the majority of those taste worse than Pizza Hut.

Well, time to break out my late father's crust recipe and start making pizza ourselves.

We're done PH!

to Stuff called Crust #1543531

Finally someone sees it.all of the pizza chains are doing this so called"keeping our promise".sustained development.frozen pizzas are also doing it.here in tn the pizza huts and caesars are the same.crust is flat.hardly any cheese.tastes like pissy play dough.its a slick move to make people healthy without most knowing it.


Actually, it's $2 more per pizza here!!! And you can no longer do toppings on only half.

WTF is that about, Pizza Hut?! I used to only order Pizza Hut specifically because I love their pan crust.

But I am also cheap, and there's no way in *** I'm gonna spend $4 extra. I'll just order from Domino's...


You seriously posted a complaint over $1 extra for pan pizza? You need to find something better to do with your time.

to Anonymous #1430826

But you took your time to respond.

to Anonymous #1448707

Pizza hut corporate lacky trying to maintain image. SAD!!!

to Anonymous #1453388

*** you I'm pissed too

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