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The pizza hut here is a bad place to eat as much as i love pizza. every time we eat there weather it be dine in or delivery the servace is awful.

when we dine in the waitresses look nappy, and are so weard it is unconforatable. they constantly complain about it being buisy even when there are just a very few people in there. the tables are always dirty also.

when we get delivery they are always late. last delivery we got took 1 1/2 hours but the ticket said it took exactily 30 min. when we called and asked about it the manager hung up on me.

it is always this way always

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Your ticket shouldn't state 30 minutes,

in Virginia and most eastern states Pizza Hut does promise a 30 minute or less delivery time. In most cases it's usually 35-45 minutes and when busy 45-65 minutes. You should inform the district manager and mention the 1.5 hour delivery wait period.


there will always be waiters like that

- I'm a shift manager, and I constantly have to put up with constant dribble from waiters about how it's busy; yet whenever it's slow they whine about how their not getting tips.

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