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I've asked repeatedly how to get my W - 2 , and he keeps giving me the run around . He is not willing to help me.

I have 5000 dollars sitting in the IRS that i cant touch because i need my W-2 forms. any help is much appreciated Thank you in advance

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There are a few things you can do for this: 1. Get ahold of the Labor Board in your city or state.

Report the company to them. Explain the situation. They don't like it when employees get screwed by employers. 2.

Go to the irs.gov site. If you haven't created an account for yourself, then do so. You'll be able to pull up your own transcript. Once that is done, you can actually see what the company has reported on your behalf.

IF it is not there, that probably means he never filed an Employer's Payroll Tax returns, Form 941. He's in major trouble then. The IRS can actually close him down for that. I've seen it happen in the past.

3. If you saved your paystubs, then it has the year-to-date information that you need to file along with Form 4852, Substitute for W-2, Wage and Tax Statement. You can go to irs.gov, put in the search box Form 4852. A PDF copy will come up that you can print out.

4. There are lots of government agencies you can file complaints with. Also, using social media might will put pressure on him. 5.

Last resort talk to an attorney.

They usually will give a free half hour consultation. Don't give up.

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