The last time my wife and I ordered Pizza Hut pizza we ordered a meat lovers (large) and when we received it the quality of the product was so badly diminished that we both had upset stomachs from it. The amount of meat on the pizza was a joke, they couldn't have put any less.

The pizza had a pool of grease on the top and we threw 1/2 away.

It seems that they have recently gone up in price, not down as they claim and made their pizza cheaper instead of better. In a time when the economy is bad and people hurt for business I would expect the opposite

Review about: Pizza Hut Pizza.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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They are risking their lives to get PAID. It's all about the dough buddy.

If we're paying a good amount for pizza I'd like for it to not be greasy as ***. Pizza is probably one of the cheapest foods to make..


I don't find it fair that all of you sit there and criticize a company without knowing what's happening in the store the moment that you order.

Sometimes, stores are stuck with only three or four drivers and orders just keep coming through. Even if someone else were able to come in a work, it would take them about 15-20 minutes to get there on a good day. Include the rush-hour, lunch-time traffic drivers navigate, risking their lives just to bring YOU pizza. (Yes, risking their lives. People die just going to the gas station. Sad truth, but I think a lot of people overlook this when they call for any type of delivery.) Also, car accidents, buses, stop signs, speed limits and always include the possibility of the driver taking another delivery before yours.

So, orders are coming through, the drivers are doing their best and taking two, maybe three deliveries that really shouldn't go together, but they're out of the oven and need to be taken. Not to mention, the cook, or cooks are doing their best to make the pizzas. On a good night, it could take 4 minutes for one pizza to be made, but they could go through all of the prepped dough for that rush and need to stretch, sauce and cheese more before putting toppings on it.

You want a super supreme without black olives and pepperoni. That can take around 6 minutes to make by now.

Meanwhile, the phones are ringing, pizzas are coming out of the oven, people are entering the lobby to pick-up their pizzas and internet orders are coming through.

The manager does their best to estimate the delivery time, but there are just so many factors that go into it. They've been in the store for the last three hours and they have no idea what traffic is like, or the weather.

When it rains, it gets a million times better. No one really wants to come and pick it up, so driving is even more dangerous for the driver. Now, I'm not saying pizza delivery drivers are bad drivers, but I'm taking into consideration that there are other people on the road tooand that accidents can happen at any moment; wind, rain and snow make all the difference.

You may order and wonder why the delivery time is an hour, or why they're out of a certain product, but they can only do so much.

Bread sticks and pan dough can take two hours to make.

Handtossed dough can take just as long, especially if it's fresh, but if we have to use it before it's ready, you may tell them it's thin crust and you'll call them liars until you're blue in the face.

I pride myself on being a fantasic customer service representative. You say that places have bad customer service, but sometimes you don't think what impression you're giving the CSR. They can smile at you all they want, and you just grunt when they ask you how your days was, or completely ignore them. After 40 or 50 people doing that to you, it gets kind of hard to continue doing it, but they try their best. It's a standard.

Also, consider that workers call-in, have car troubles, etc.

Yes, a lot of people are very understanding, but those that don't even try to hear our side of it make everything so much harder. Sometimes, I rely on other people to help me keep my cool, especially my customers that come in and smile, ask me how business has been, let me ask them how their day was, etc. A smile really can go a long way.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #210529

If there was not much meat on it it would have not been that greasy. I don't buy this story for a second and think it is a scam to get free food.


Pizza Hut makes a big deal about their special price ($10 large) but the quality of the ingrediants is poor--tasted more like a frozen store-bought pizza. After trying their $10 special on two occasions, I will not make the same mistake a third time.

La Prairie, Quebec, Canada #207072

If you really want to get back at them, hit them were it hurts and stop ordering from them. Cook at home and encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same. Pizza joints have become too proud of the *** they call food and the customer service is as bad as their food.

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