I like there pizza but will never get delivery again. I took over and hour and a half to get my order and it was cold.

I called 3 times to complain and even the manager, laughed and said the delivery guy was new and he was probably lost. The driver didn't have a cell phone and the manager just told me I had to wait. He was rude and did not care. What ever happened to good service, especially in a bad economy???

It's not there in the Henderson Nevada branch. They are terrible.

I will never order again.

Review about: Pizza Hut Delivery Service.

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Vyatskiye Polyany, Kirov, Russian Federation #20386

Something funny happened to my sis the other day. Not funny ha ha.

She was out running errands and wanted to call an order at Dominoes that she would pick up herself as she would be driving right by there. She called the number and the call center was in India! Imagine! Anyway, she ordered the pizzas.

She arrived at the store and they had no pizzas for her! The guy at the store told her that sometimes when you call an order for pick up the order gets lost.

It's weird the way every company in this country seems to have shipped every job they can overseas. It ain't right.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #19011

When you are hungry, you are hungry right?

Barnaul, Altaisky Krai, Russian Federation #19006

If you didn't get your pizza after an hour, you should of turned off your lights and not answered the door. You shouldn't of purchased the cold pizza. then they would of been stuck with it.

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