As a Pizza Hut employee, let me be the first to tell you how terrible this place is. I've worked at the Pizza Hut in Metropolis, Illinois for 5 months and I will work there not another day.

They treat not only their customers, but their employees like *** as well. Don't eat there, don't work there. About two months ago, I asked the manager (Thomas McClelland) for a boost in hours since I was only getting maybe 10 a week. Being on server pay, my check for two weeks was only $75.

Not even enough to cover gas and phone through the next check. Did he give me more hours? Ha! No.

A couple weeks ago I was sexually harrassed by a fellow co-worker. He made my employee meal for me and then expected me to show him my chest. Obviously, I threw a fit. My parents were infuriated and explained to Thomas that he was not to schedule me and this guy together again.

Guess what? He put us on the schedule together anyway. And yesterday was the last straw. As I was about to leave for the night, two guys (different from the first) spit on me.

Yes, spit on me. Completely unprovoked. I kept my cool and did absolutely nothing to them. I simply washed the spit off and went home.

I will be pressing charges against the offenders, as spitting on people is considered assault. Oh and just for your information, all of the cooks that work there smoke marijuana and most of them are on probation for something and attend alternative school. They frequently mess up orders as well and don't wash their hands before handling your food.

I find it disgusting. All this said, I will never work, nor eat there again.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Ok missy, PROVE IT!!!!! Video of the cooks smoking pot?

Pictures of the cooks violating health codes. Better yet, PROVE they spit on you. I HIGHLY doubt an investigation is going on over THAT as the police would need PHYSICAL PROOF of someone spitting on you BEFORE they will do anything. As it is "spitting" is ONLY a misdermenor and MUST be WITNESSED to have an arrest.

It would be YOUR WORD vs. THEIR WORD. I see YOU can complain but I dont see PROOF!!! How is anyone going to take your post as honest when YOU DO NOT PROVE ANYTHING!!!

Then YOU post as a EX employee, meaning YOU WOULD SAY ANYTHING to cause your former job grief because YOU are mad they didnt give YOU more hours. Im with a majority of those other posters. There is MORE to your tale of woe then YOU are telling and without ANY proof HOW can ANYONE even begin to assist you? YOU seem to FORGET that for atleast FIVE MONTHS you were doing the EXACT same things YOU are accusing THEM OF!!!!

In FIVE MONTHS you NEVER thought to contact the HEALTH DEPT over CLEAR violations of the hand washing laws. In FIVE MONTHS you NEVER contacted pizza huts HR department and filed a sexual harrassment claim. In FIVE MONTHS you NEVER brought up to upper managment the alleged pot smoking. CLEARLY it wasnt an issue for YOU while YOU worked there.

So it makes your claims AFTER THE FACT seem to be untrue. I would suggest that YOU be LESS judgmental of OTHER HUMANS LIVES!!! If THEY wish to do drugs then THAT IS THIER ISSUE!!! If THEY are ex cons or on probation, WHAT BUSINESS IS IT OF YOURS???

YOU appear to about a teenager so let me clue YOU into a fact of life. $h!t happens!! While YOU get to sit back with those lovely rose colored glasses that mommy and daddy have paid for, other people have to live thier lives to the best of thier ability. YOU WILL BE NO DIFFERENT!!!!!

All it takes is ONE MISTAKE and your life can be ruined. Obviously those people on probation have made thier mistakes and are trying to better themselves. WHo are YOU to judge someone elses life since YOU DIDNT LIVE IT? Oh thats right, YOU are an opinonated CHILD with mom and dad to fight your battles.

A quick note, your parents ARE NOT THE ONES WHO MAKE THE SCHEDULE!!!! THEY can demand as much as they like but the manager DOES NOT have to do as THEY have demanded. They hired YOU and NOT your parents.

And just because I KNOW what your going to post, NOPE I dont work for PH. And IF you dont like reading what OTHER HUMAN BEINGS have written then DONT POST ON A PUBLIC FORUM!!!!

Its our RIGHT to NOT BELIEVE YOU!!! How dare YOU speak down to someone who doesnt believe you??

to Anonymous #1446387

If you knew anything about working for Pizza Hut, you'd know they prohibit taking pictures or recording while inside the restaurant. If you don't know anything about working for Pizza Hut, you shouldn't be replying to this guy who does know acting like you know any better.


I agree. This company blows my mind with the amount of wrong going on in there.

Its bad enough to make the devil himself proud. Never in my life have i worked years for a place that treated both its customers and employees like the dirt they view us as. Often acting as a bully, to obtain their goals. They have a plethora of ways they go about hr department...virtually no open door policy, no one to talk to with problems.

Hiring people that show up to work whenever they feel like it without consequence, treating people completely unequal and more importantly, unfair. I have seen girls complain to management about harassment and management telling them to deal with it themselves. Ive witnessed, on multiple occasions, management cutting back product, drastically to make up cost, as well as, paperwork cheating, product "misplacement", and some of the most epic backstabbing malicious, vindictive behaviors from every area of the company. Nobody cares that youre getting screwed over as theyre all screwing each other over, constantly..there is no loyalty, no respect, and no appreciation.

There is no training almost at all. Ill cite other specific instances with vague detail as i dont want them to try and incriminate me for slander. But, if youre looking to work for pizza hut.

Dont. Ive witnessed capable and happy people lose their sense of morals and ethics just from working there and thats not a joke

to Anonymous #1440299

That is a fact! And I still work for them!

And I will vouch for the BS that goes on here!

Yes there is BS everywhere you go to work... But not where the manager will call you names!


that is true.


40 hours? what luck you have. At the store where I am in miami not want to give more than 30 hours and the pay is terrible for all you do.

Lacey, Washington, United States #704117

I've worked there for a month, as full time, about 40 hours a week. Everyone is nice, and everyone is clean and respectful.

You just had a bad experience, don't blame the entire company. I have a wonderful time working there.


Actually nothing was made up. It's all true.

Corporate and Metropolis police are doing an investigation. Proof enough?

I suggest you not accuse me of lying unless you know what really happened. You haven't been in my shoes and don't know what I've been through.

to Hannlowe Millville, New Jersey, United States #589271

Sounds like you need to A. stop having your parents get involved in your issues at work and B.

Understand that ALL server's checks are minimal, we work for our tips.

If you aren't ok with that, don't be a server anymore.You were told when you were hired what the pay is and you should have been able to estimate what your check would be. Grow up.


To Hannlowe, sounds like you make a lot of stuff up. Perhaps you're not being scheduled for more shifts because you are a problem employee.

I also work for Pizza Hut and have never had any of these issues. We have specific policies concerning sexual harrassment as well as other employee concerns. And you sound pretty judgemental as well.

It's a GOOD thing that these guys are working rather than the alternative. I suggest you grow up and stop running to Mommy and Daddy every time you have a problem.

to owensgirl Mishawaka, Indiana, United States #1310417

Just because you didnt have a problem dont mean its like that for everyone or location could be different, its not ok for someone to sexual harrass someone and to spit on them, why are you sticking up for evil corporation over a young girl being mistreated for very low wages ***


I question the accuracy of parts of your complaint. All of it just doesn't ring true.

There is a reason you don't get more hours, it could be your young age, or you aren't doing your job right, or maybe you complain too much. More than likely the guy that asked to see your chest, was joking. In the workplace you have to learn to put up with some minor harassment. However, given the fact that you ran home and complained to your parents tells me you aren't real mature.

As for the guys that allegedly spit on you, you must have done something to annoy your co-workers. Of course you have definite proof that all of the cooks smoke pot. So what if they are on probation, having a job is part of being on probation, and they as well as ex-cons have a right to work. As far as attending alternative schools, at least they are attending school, which is more than some young people do.

Alternative schools aren't necessarily just for people who have been in trouble or something. They are convenient for young single parents because most of them have an on-site daycare, and it isn't just single mothers, I know of young, single Dads who have custody of an infant that have attended some of these schools. These schools also benefit people that because they thought they knew everything when they were in high school, decide to go back to school to get their high school diploma. I have a grandaughter that did that.

Sure these people that drop out of school could have went and got a GED, but instead they choose to attend classes and graduate with a diploma from the high school that they dropped out of. My grandaughter made the decision to go back to school less than two years after dropping out. The advantage of the alternative school for these various classes of people is that you work at your own pace, instead of having to keep up with everybody else, this allows for you to be a parent, have a decent job, while attending school, etc.

You really should make a point of knowing the fact before you criticize things. It kind of sounds to me like you have a tendency to look down your nose at certain people.

to Joan Mishawaka, Indiana, United States #1310419

Oh just shut up and get off your high horse

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