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Order number 3150708154956001182024154 I ordered a large pizza, breadsticks and two wing meals today. One wing meal was bbq and one was buffalo mild. The order was late to begin with and when we got it they forgot the bbq wings. I called the moment I got it and whoever answered assured me she would send he driver back with the wings. It's been 5 hours since that call and still no wings. On top of that my fiancé's mild wings are a mix between...
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Not sure if this happens a lot to others, but I ordered a pizza and a 2-liter online. After submitting, I got a Estimated arrival time of 3 hours later. Decided maybe they were just busy that night. But after ordering multiple times after it seems to happen every time I order. Once called and they told me it'd be here in 45 and it took 2 hours. Columbus, Ohio has quite a few locations but I'm stuck near the slowest and least respectful one. I...
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Anonymous I agree pizza hut sucks

I liked
  • Food is yummy
I didn't like
  • Delivery wait
My order was over 30 minutes late so I called to see what was going on. The guy told me that the delivery man said he knocked on my door and nobody answered . Well, that's not possible because MY front door was opened and me and my daughter was right in front of it waiting. So the guy said they would get my order out to me. So the delivery guy calls 15 min later asking which way to turn on my street( same delivery guy) hmmmm.. If he knocked...
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Pizza Hut food Review

This is my 2nd burned order in less than 2 weeks. The staff at East Main Street Columbus Ohio is EXTREMELY rude, nasty and in general unprofessional and not knowledgeable about their own place of employment. I will NEVER order from Pizza Hut again.

Pizza Hut Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Review

Very poor service after they were suppose to give me the cookie pizza with our meal. When it was promised to be brought back in a few minutes, it never was. I called and spoke with manager and he told me to get over it. Never will spend my hard earned money on this franchise again.

pizza Review

Today I ordered a pizza at 12:15 PM and its now 3:15 PM. It is a snowy day and I knew the DT would be long, so I didnt bother to check on it until 2:30 PM. Since then I have been hung up on 4 different times, and was on hold once and then hung up on shortly after. So we are forefitting our pizza and going out in the weather. Thank goodness we didnt pay credit.
I ordered a meal pasta from them w/grilled chicken and it was without an ounce of chicken. I called back and the young rude man that answered the phone felt the overwhelming urge to slam the phone down on the counter. Needless to say I complained. I got a free pizza coupon. I called tonight? I get Brice. I believe he's the same tool I had before. He slams the phone down not once, not twice, but THREE times. The third time was AFTER I asked him...
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Not Brice Ha ha beeotch, you finally gave up! YES!!! :grin

I've given this store/branch so many chances to get my orders right. And they NEVER have. Over the past year, I've ordered from them 3 or 4 times, and each time, they screw up the order. They always offer a credit for the next, and they screw that up too. I forget that they've screwed up by the next time I order, only to remember that they do when I get the pizza and it's not what I ordered. SO sick and tired of this damned stored that I'll...
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kickurass Still haven't ordered anything from this location, and just found out they're being closed down for health violations. Thanks to my friend in the state health and regulations...


kickurass if the pizza hut from texas is referring to me being ***, that\'s an easy way to make me track you down to cut every appendage you have off. I do not appreciate being called ...

Have always avoided this place because of their prices compared to other pizza chains. Went to a Pizza Hut in Port Clinton, OH a few years ago and the pizza tasted like some cheap, generic pizza I could buy at a grocery store. Then recently fell for the $10 deal and tried a Pizza Hut in Northwood, OH. Same result. The crust is total garbage and the toppings, aside from being dried out just tasted like some cheap wannabe pizza you could buy in a...
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steve o I won't buy Pizza from national chains anymore. The pizza they sell are just junk."Pizza Hut,Papa john's.They used to be good pizza circa(1997) Now it's just a waist of money ...


Logan Frozen dough is only part of the reason that their pizza \"tastes like low quality pizza\". And yes in response to,juju,\"they are cutting corners on everything.\"


.i ordered a pie which was done wrong so the second one came but to just be nasty they had just 2 tespoons of bacon bits and 6 mushrooms and 8 peperoni . I have been a good customer to pizza hut but they arent the only pizza place in delaware ohio thank you even when i called to tell them it was wrong they argued with me for 10 minutes . it was some young lady . whats happened to customer service ??? And why when i paid for the wrong one did...
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mark hey tasha are you like a big supporter of pizza hut or something. you always seem to leave real nasty comments.


Tasha You are pathetic if you actually counted all the ingredients on your pizza. Also two spoons of bacon is plenty pig. You are not a good customer because you boycott them due ...

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