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Monmouth, IL Pizza Hut has got to be the worst. I stopped eating there because of the poor service, cooks yelling at everyone in the kitchen for the customers to hear and they dont answer any phone calls for deliveries! I decided to order online which was absolutely no different. My order each time takes well over an hour and when my food gets here it's always cold. After seeing the other reviews, I think i'll choose another pizza place from now...
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This is suppose to be buffalo pizza its not make right. Nothing but onions. It was made at the willis mills rd location. In richmond oh. But the only locaton that makes it right it eastlake oh on vine st.
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Omg last time we were at the leesburg fl pizza hut we ordered bone out wings we go to pick them up there bone in she showed me the order and walked away saying it was my mistake? I was in a hurry so nothing I could do. Last night we went there had our order written down my husband is from Mexico I figured they couldnt understand. She rang it up right and some how gave our cookie to someone else the 15 min order took an hour I was in the car w...
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Pizza Hut Supreme Pizza Review

I order a pizza from pizza hut in Russellville Al today 8/10/16 I called it in at 10.00am supposed to got it at 11:30am I didn't get here until 12.00pm my order was wrong the food was cold,wrong ticket.

Pizza Hut food Review

Took 1hr to receive my food by the time my order arrived it was cold and not cooked all the way. The driver was nice but that does not make up for the quality if their food. This was my first time ordering from this location and I Won't be ordering again!! Faribault.

Pizza Hut Delivery Service Review

If they are too busy and the call gets sent to a call center. Not one thing was right. Gave me credit card and when they delivered wanted me to pay cash. Scam... charge my card and take cash I dont think so. I refused the delivery and called credit card to dispute charges. Never will I call again.

Pizza Hut Pepperoni Lovers Pizza Review

Ordered 2 peppornies for 5$ a piece twice got codl cheesre ya sauce and crust and wings 1 time and a cookie 2nd on thin crust got greasy thick crust advertise deal back it my PH IS LITERALLY AROUND CORNER no more 10$off either not reconized
I order a large, stuffed, cheese, pepperoni pizza and these people have me some paper looking thin *** pizza. I'm never going to Pizza Hut again.
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I absolutely have come to despise this restaurant with its *** service and rude staff. After complete desperation this evening due to my infant being sick and a coupon i wanted to use i placed an online order for the 47 W.79th street location . I called once i saw my phone number was incorrect on my confirmation email. answer. I called customer service who said they can not directly contact the restaurant but could make a...
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I order two pizzas breadticks and chicken wings on line,on 11/15/15,I place the order at 3:45 pm,the told me that you can pick up your pizzas at 4:07,so I get there at 4:00,I wait there into 4:27 when they finally have my order ready,I told this guy that,I don't want the pizzas,because you guys take too long,give me my money back because I m going to eat some wherealse.when I told then wy you guys take to long,all they said sorrry.
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Waited for my pizza for an hour and 20 minutes late. Received a cold burnt pizza with garlic that I didn't ask for.
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I order 2 pizza and wing i wait 40 min on this store rainbow ave 4200 kansas city ls..the casher is not experience on this job ..not goog
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I have an awful thing to say. I live no more then 5 min away from this pizza place. I placed an order at 755 pm. It's now 930 pm and it's still not here. I ordered on line they chose this location wich is close to me in Elgin I.L. on McLean Blvd. . I demand a refund and the pizza is probebly cold by now. I called the pizza pizza Hut to find out if it was on its way and she said the driver was on his way already. I'm sure she lied to make people...
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Went to stillwater mn pizza hut on a monday and were turned away because they had no server but we could eat it in our car they said .............nice really.....................then call and complain to corporate for them to say they will send a giftcard in the mail which was never received so call again to have them say it was sent 4 days ago its been a month still no giftcard called another time they said they would look into and get back to...
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