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I was shocked with the way service is handled and managed at Pizza Hut at Dodsal corporation pvt ltd,profit centre, mumbai 67 in times of competition when service is of utmost importance.I had ordered for a Pizza at 7.30 pm and the pizza arrived at 8.15 all well till here.

After my brother and I had our first bites we realised it was raw, I called up the centre back and informed them about the raw pizza. I was attended well and told that the replacement would arrive in the 45 mins. I told my guests to wait and i went to the gym thinking the pizza would have arrived and my guest would have had their snack. When I returned at 11.00 pm I was shocked to find out that the pizza had not arrived.

I called the centre and now to my surprise they don't have my record. I asked them if they deleted the records of customers who complained, no reply, I am politely told by the attendant that the manager would call me back.Then a series of calls start from the centre, no one has a clue what has to be done. I am told the pizza would be delivered tomorrow, I told but all the Pizza centers would be closed by now and I have guests.

Where do i order food from?

I am really shocked with the way Pizza hut manages its service and customers.

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