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lI called and asked for 3 large pizza and the young man suggested the triple pizza box .. I asked him were they large he told me yes ..

so I said ok thats fine and I wanted 18 wings and my order came up to 50 dollars . So I drove 20 minutes away from brandywine to Waldorf to pick my order up and to get home and they are square small pizzas..

so I called back up to the store and a Gentleman answered the phone and I Explained what happened and he being to argue with me so I asked for a manager and the manager Jamie got on the phone and I explained to her what happened about the pizza and the employee and she told me that I can make a new order resulting in me spending more money and I told her I was not going to do that because I clearly asked if the pizza was going to be large and I was told yes and I told her dont worry about it I was trying to solve it this way instead of filing a complaint online but she was no help either and very unprofessional .. Im not happy with my experience at all !

User's recommendation: Gentleman and a brown.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pizza Hut Customer Care.

Location: Waldorf, Maryland

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Three large pizzas and an order of 18 wings for $50? From Pizza Hut?

That should have been your first clue you were being lied to. The employees were probably told to push the "special" soooo...

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