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I have a coupon for $10 for 2 large 3 topping or specialty pizza expires in October.The total i was told on the phone was $31.xx.

i said i had this coupon he told thats the best he could do for me. Isaid again i have i have a pizza hut coupon and read it off to him again. He said firmly $31.xx is the best he could do.

Isaid you wont honer my coupon he said no.This isnt what i expect from pizza hut!

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Coon Rapids, Minnesota, United States #1196779

Wow.....the coupon is clear. $10 each. This is hilarious!


Holy ***!! Can you NOT READ?? The coupon says $10.00!!!!!!


I just now came across this.

Everything looks correct, 2x10 is $20 and IF they got the wings as well, that makes $26

Slap on delivery and tax, $31 appears correct.

Why waste time making a complaint about nothing?


Under the $10.00, it says each. I also missed reading this one time, thank God, i saw it right before I start complaining and making a fool out of myself.


FYI...this coupon means $10 per large pizza when you buy at least 2 of them....and if you had beverages or extra delivery charge...yep it could cost over $30...especially if you live in a state that also charges tax.


If the area was indeed a "participating location" then the OP obviously was trying to order one of the type pizzas excluded from the deal. I find it hard to believe that the employee would not tell this person why the coupon was being denied. The OP knows exactly why the coupon was not valid.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #910550

I doubt it, the OP does not seem to have a grasp of the English language.

to Anonymous #981597

so what de f...k good is the coupon?....boycott pisa hut and go to Little Caesar

Kolkata, West Bengal, India #868614

mentally challenged people should not be allowed to use coupons


I have read the coupon and I think you should get your parents to read the coupon and explain it to you.It clearly says at PARTICIPATING locations.

This means not all locations give this promotion. Give this coupon to your parents and have them read that part to you and explain to you what that means. Also before posting the review you should have gotten their permission first. If they approved they could have checked your review for spelling and grammar mistakes.

Then again they probably would not approve you posting this review after reading the coupon and explaining what at PARTICIPATING LOCATIONS means.

In other words they would have told you that you are wrong and try and help you find a PARTICIPATING, location.My guess is by the fact that you cannot understand what AT PARTICIPATING LOCATIONS means and your poor spelling and grammar is that you are six years old and your parents have no clue you posted this online.

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