on the day of june 4,2013 we desided to order a pizza. we called at 7:22pm an placed a order for tha 10 dollar deal.

during the call i noticed the employee getting a attitude with me because i couldnt understand what he was sayn cuz he talked wit a low voice. an after he gt my phone # and address he juz said okaii 20 mins an hung up on me. well my husband goes an picks up thapizza an we all eat me my husband an 2 children. we are tired an go to sleep .this mornong i give tha children the rest of tha pizza for breakfast an i notice a pubic hair on my pizza.

i calld the pizzahut on redbluff an ask ta speak wit tha manager an she says all she can do is give me a 10 cridit

i want this investigated. this is sick an discuting!!"""im very upset

Review about: Pizza Hut Manager.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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well if there's hair in the pizza yeah there should be a refund, the problem is most places won't do the refund if you complain or say you found it the next day.

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #671439

It doesn't matter where it came from, the hair shouldn't be there in the first place. Spelling or not, she paid money and deserved to have a good product for it.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #659943

Judging by your spelling, I doubt you are smart enough to know what a pubic hair looks like. In the picture, it looks more like a grey hair from senior citizens head.

Those grey hairs tend to do get some real funny shapes. I have grey hairs in my eybrows that want to stand straight up and none of the brown ones do that.

The weird thing about the grey ones, is when I brush them up so that I can try to pluck the grey ones, as soon as I touch one with the tweezers the hair lays back down. When people start to turn grey, the few grey hairs on their heads, sometimes have a tendency to stand straight up.

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