On 5/28/2021 I ordered 2 large pizzas to have delivered. After an 45 minute wait i called to see why my order haven't been delivered, the you man on the told that i said that was going to pick it up.

I gave him the young lady name that toke my order, so i believe next i spoke with the manager I explained the situation to him why would i give 5 dollar tip if i was coming to pick my up. He would deliver it for an extr 5 follars .made no sense to me to pay extra. I've been a customer of Pizza Hut in Aiken South Carolina when they were located on Richland Avenue and now at their new location on York Street and each time I bend over $30 and out of all 25 years I've been a customer of Pizza Hut have never had an issue and this is the first time that I haven't had a problem. I am very disappointed with the service the managers attitude and when he delivered my pizza he didn't apologize he just handed it to me turned around and left and it was about 10:30 at night I placed the order about 8 p.m.

I had my nieces and nephews with me at my home and if there was wasn't hungry how when they gave it to him to eat I would have thrown it away cuz it was cold when we got it thank you very much a disappointed customers Charlene blocker Aiken South Carolina this incident happened on 528 **** at your York order .

up. Hwouldeliver der h

Location: Kirkwood, Delaware

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