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Our delivery arrived two hours after our order was placed burnt and the delivery guy actually asked for a tip. We called to complain and the manager gives us ten Dollars off our next purchase.

we spent thirty dollars for an over cooked late pizza, at this point a " next purchase" is out of the question.... I am appalled with their very horribly poor attempt at customer, and claiming the pizza hut name.

Booooooo. I have a picture of our burnt disgraceful excuse for a pizza , I wish I could figure out how to post it.i feel very robbed and frustrated.

Review about: Pizza Hut Pizza.

Monetary Loss: $28.

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the food at dominoes is horrible. kick them out of your town and let yourself live there.

to brian110872 Newport News, Virginia, United States #1227455

this is pizza hut


Are you all commentors ignorant or just ***?

Did you read the complaint at all?

The person was claiming that the pizza they ordered was burnt!

If you all care about your jobs, then why would you send out an order like this? Don't you know or understand how this would reflect on you and the place where you work?

No wonder you all are working these types of jobs, you really don't care about the business or work ethics, it's just a job for money and no pride at all!


Common courtesy is hard to come by these days. Retail workers and fast food employees deserve respect, as does anyone doing ANY kind of job.

It's not about what you do for a living, but rather about your attitude and the care you put into what you do. The ethics and integrity. I feel sympathetic when people are so elitist and dismissive just because someone works in the food service industry.

It may not be glamourous, but somebody has to do it. Just respect others, period.

to Anonymous #1051304

Respect has never been a given. It's earned.

When you choose to accept a job in public service, you accept the policy/rules, benefits and expectations for the job. Part of the job is being able to handle difficult situations. When you can't reslove the issue, it should be forwarded to the next in charge. This rarely happens.

It's often the customer gets a smart mouth and disrespectful rep. who hasn't a clue what their job entitles. Your mouth, poor service, nastiness, ultimately leads to your firing, lay off, and company closure. You can't make money without customers, business 101 for free.

Learn to do your job to the best of your ability. Don't send out burned products. If the customer screams, offer reasonable resolution. Fresh product and money back along with additional free pizza next order and 50%

off next meal after free pizza.

Keep the place clean. Teach them the customer is correct and we need them to keep the job.

Wear clean uniforms, have good hygiene, smile, welcome the business. That's how you succeed!


You must be mistaken. Pizza Gut, like every fat-food place, hires quality people who care only about customer service and a pleasant dining experience.

Seriously, you expected better?

to HA HA Milan, Tennessee, United States #910544

Not everyone that works in fast food doesn't care...I work fast food...and I go into my job with a smile no matter how crappy my day has been, or what problems I may be facing...I have customers who's faces light up with a smile when they see I'm the one taking their order...and you know what? I treat people who who have the same attitude as you...and who treat me as less than human with just as much consideration and courtesy...why? Because I have no idea what may be happening in your life at that time...so please stop judging all of us the same...we deal with people like you all day long...and no, I don't work at Pizza Hut :)

to Tonia Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #915462

Excellent Tonia! I totally agree.

to Tonia #915932

Yep, us restaurant workers are less appreciated than government workers!

We also earn about $50,000 less a year with no benefits and no sign of retirement! No bonus's, no paid days off!

Yet we work like dogs...., as they bark at us for their coffee refills as they discuss what they will do on next months 4 day weekend off which is funded by "us"!

to mark812 Hinsdale, Illinois, United States #970130


to mark812 Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #1051288

Yes I am a government worker who also worked very hard to obtain better employment. The pizza and resolution offered was unacceptable.

You pay for something and you should get what you ordered. The pizza was burnt and delivered late. If you work in fast food and want to advance here's the secret. Yes education is one answer.

You can also advance taking pride in your job and giving your best. Often I hear of fast food management complain as well as the workers, yet the poor service reflects the pay. Show your supervisor why you deserve advancement and better pay. Show them where you give great service and produce above margin profits for a year.

If you can't do that, shut the pie hole and keep digging ditches. You will always be at the bottom!

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