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Ordered two large pizzas from pizza hut with the any size any toppings deal for $10. When i opened up the boxes, both pizzas was the size of a medium (one was 13" and other was 14" diameter).

I checked the receipt and it said they were larges. So I called pizza hut and they said the dimensions were correct. I'm not a frequent pizza lover but I do notice that the size is getting smaller than the last couple of times that I had ordered (same exact pizzas). I guess due to the popularity of this pizza hut's deal and they are constantly advertising about it on television, company is shrinking sizes to cut corners and save budget/material cost.

So after the cost of pizzas ($10 x 2), tax, delivery charges, and tips, I paid exactly $30 for two medium sized pizzas. Not realty worth it in my book.

Review about: Pizza Hut Pizza.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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The large was definitely bigger that 14" in the 90's.


Pizza hut and dominos are gross. That's not even pizza to me.

You deserve what you get if that's where you're ordering pizza. Yuck!


Dont buy there *** anymore or any of the big box pizza anymore! Just make your own, cheaper and just as good!


We ordered two mediums - any topping pizza's as we usually do once or twice a month; what showed up at the door was two smaller boxes. When I opened the pizza boxes what I saw were what, back-in-the-day we called small pizzas; I am done!

These pizzas were very small; I will either learn to like Dominoes or get over my pizza loving ways. :-(


I'm here for a project.

Roswell, New Mexico, United States #1265891

Argreed same here!! I'm just wondering when they did it and never told anyone they are about to be cheated.


This "quantity over quality" mindset is something we see in obese patients frequently, it fuels their obsessive drive to overeat the greasiest, saltiest, most chemical and preservative laden gunk you could imagine....

My medical opinion is that the "reviewer" is also battling high blood pressure, which is exacerbated every night when measuring and weighing his delivered dinners leads to anger and another wasted night spend whining about it on the internet.

.......kids these days,SMH..


There is absolutely no need to "change" the pan size. The medium pans are already there, and one stops using the larges. Give me a break.


Yes, the dimensions might be correct-for a medium pizza. Having worked for Pizza Hut in the past, I am well aware of there cost cutting measures-from shrinking salad bars, to shrinking pizzas.

to Really #1371307

They shrunk my *** after I'd be eaten their food.

Lakeland, Florida, United States #939470

I gave up on Pizza Hut in 1980. There were still some Shakey's Pizza Parlors around where a large was a LARGE.

Hold your arms in front of you like a hoop and that's how big they were - maybe 28" - and the dough wasn't an inch thick.

There are some small pizza parlors around my area which still make the LARGE 28" pies in a regular crust. These are $16-$20 depending on toppings, but you're going to spend more than that for the chain store's pies, and they're only mediums..

or slightly smaller. Some of their mediums are small single pies.

Everyone I've read or heard who has worked inside a chain pizza store has said their doughs cost almost nothing, and the toppings are just a little more.

to Jon #1371309

Shakeys has always sucked. Only losers went there.

Round Table Pizza makes the bestest pizzas in the world. And their each like 60 inches in size, or 5 *** length.


You want me to believe that minimum wage pizza hut employees are coming to this site and defending their company during their off hours? Corporate propaganda paying well these days?


I experience the same thing and actually called to complain thinking I got a medium by mistake. They sent me a free coupon for another pizza. Then I learned after another order that was the right size. I was shocked.

The best hope for this to change it CALL, CALL, CALL, E-mail, E-mail, E-mail.

If you dont complain they will think no one noticed! Thinking if they loose customers it was not related to shrinking sizes.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #683364

I experienced the same in chicago..I bought 3 large.. Think crust was 13" the other two were 12" :store :Sreamwood Barrington RD/Schaumburg Rd


Like any cooperate business, make ore $$$$ by crating less product. Cutting corners I have a hard time reliving since I'm always on hold....



Toronto, Ontario, Canada #655157

I remember getting a large pan pie YEARS ago at a PH and they were huge. It was a challenge to eat one by yourself.

Years later I ordered a large pie for the first time again.

When i got it home and opened it I thought they gave me a medium pie...lol. They're really shrunk down the size over the years.


That is right same pans same size dough. The cost of switching to a smaller pan company wide is huge. What actually changes 14" box to a 15" box to accommodate other products.

Millville, New Jersey, United States #589567

Pizza Hut's mediums are 12", larges are 14"...the pans are metal and have not changed in size. The problem is you want to spend $10 and get prime rib and caviar.

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