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Pizza Hut food is just about the consistency of cardboard because they don't put enough sauce on crust; the one n Carthage MO is the worst so far. The only reason I ever liked pizza was the sauce along with the cheese and meat. The cheese on the pizza today was over cooked as well and added to the overall dryness. I really don't like the feeling of having to choke it down even if you drink a gallon of water with it. I also don't like having to...
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I didn't like
  • Quality
Today we ordered a medium thin-crust pizza with extra start with - the marinara sauce was soaked in salt, and the mushrooms were unwashed, and raw. The whole experience caused stomach upset, and made us all sick. To add to the mess, the "beef" (which really isn't beef) looked like - and tasted like - sausage. Pizza Hut - we are not going to order from your company ever again. We are done with you. Suggestion: discontinue the word...
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I liked
  • Driver was very friendly
I didn't like
  • Horrible experience

Pizza Hut Thin Crust Pizza Review

Ordered the new pizza with cheese and bacon filled crust. Also apple pies. The pizza was horrible, cold, crust soggy, forgot mushrooms, I certainly will not order again!! The apple pies were hot and very good which is a good thing, as they were our dinner. Could not eat pizza. From Pizza Hut 14th St Bradenton, Fl.