Pizza Hut has not done a fair deal with the customers by shrinking their large pizza size to

looking more like a medium size. It's really not fair

to the regular customers who phone for delivery

(and pay much more) and to find their large pizzas

(we do usually order more than one pizza) have

shrunk in size. It is also very embarassing when you

have people over your place and decide to order

pizza for everyone and realise there's not enough

to go around (which happened to us recently). Not

to long ago we could rely on pizza hut for their

generous service but now it looks like there offering a greedy service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pizza Hut Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $31.

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Bought a medium from there recently, looked like a small. We ordered pepperoni and mushroom, received pepperoni and sausage.

Order total was over $17.00. Didn't taste as good as I remembered.


ordered 2 large pepperoni pizzas, waited 15 minutes to get them, finally i got them, i looked at them, and told the cashier excuse me i ordered 2 large these are medium, she responded no sir those are large. I had to order another large because that would had not been enough for 4 of us!!!!




We just bought 2 large.....

1 pan pizza and 1 thin pizza ..from PIZZA HUT!!!!

13.5 inches and 14 inch !!! 26.00 buks was totalv


My wife and I go to Costco to get pizza. It is huge.

Great toppings.

Better than pizza hut. Pizza Hut is a rip off.


I miss the Priazzo s?



ller sizes, less toppings. No more coupons attached to the box.

Welcome to the new and improved Pizza Hut. Not our pizza stop anymore.

Crestview, Florida, United States #940720

Very disappointed at the size of the large pizza. It looked like a medium it will not feed three people.

Might feed three eight year olds. Feel over charged for what I received.

Not enough topping even for the srunken size. XWill be looking to a mom and pop pizza place for a better value.

Foley, Alabama, United States #939239

Just got a large felt ripped off so I checked the web for the size, thought maybe got a medium by mistake. No large is small last time I use PH. Don't wast your cash go somewhere else.


When Pizza Hut first came to the area it was the best pizza in town. A large size could feed a family of four easily and often take some home.

I think that a large today is about the same as a small from back in the 1970's. The toppings tasted like what they were and there was a fair amount of cheese. The size of a large today will only feed two hungry adults. Nothing on it has any flavor other than tasting like salt and you need to add extra cheese because they do not put very much on it.

Today it is the worst pizza in town.

Also the crust tastes more like a saltine cracker than pizza crust.


I worked for Pizza Hut for six years in the late 80's and early 90's.

Large pizzas were 16" and cut into 12 slices.

Now large pizzas are 14" and cut into 8 slices.

All other sizes have shrunk by 2 inches also.

to Anonymous #771863

My husband and I have also noticed that Pizza Hut no longer has a large pizza. The last time we ordered a large during their promotion where they "supposedly" offer "ANY" size pizza for $10, we realized the pizza we picked up was actually a medium.

My husband told the cashier they'd given us the wrong size, but she assured us it was in fact a large. Shame on Pizza Hut for trying to dupe it's customers. We will NEVER buy anything from Pizza Hut again.

We've been meaing to try the mom and pop pizza parlor in our neighborhood, and will the next time we want one of our favorite Friday night foods. Pizza Hut will not last long if it continues such deceitful practices.

to Anonymous #1432063

Sorry, the say they are 14 inches. Measure the damn thing.

It's only 13 inches.

False advertisment, inflated prices and less toppings. Not even convenient.

New York, New York, United States #704161


Seattle, Washington, United States #686932

I pay too much for Pizza hut pizza anymore so I'll stick with Papa Murphy's more for the money and you cook it they way you like it!

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States #677656

Yes I measured my Pizza Hut large Pan Pizza it didn't even make it to 13 inches ! I am thankful that we have a Wegmans near by ! I can get a 20" for $ 10.00 after my store card discount !

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #651614

I'm in my mid thirties and can clearly remember that in the 1980s

small pizzas were 12", mediums were 14" and larges were 16".

This was standard at every pizza chain I can remember. Then at

Some point as pizza became more expensive to sell, businesses

calling 14" pizzas larges and 16" became extra large and by doing

this and making customers feel a 16" is extra large, which it isnt,

they were able to raise the price of pizza without losing

excessive amounts of customers. So don't worry america, you're

not suffering amnesia, 16" used to be large. I usually just call pizza

chains and ask "is your large 16 inches?" and if they say no, then

I hang up. If I can't find a plain 16" pizza for 12 bucks I refuse to order.

to Jack Cicero, Illinois, United States #712796

I used to work for Pizza Hut in the Mid 80's and you are right! I can still remember the weights of the dough and ingredients! :sigh


that is totally true that its either the same size or they reduces the thickness... especially for their new cheezy volcano (in the Philippines) or those with sausage in Singapore, Dubai..

the pizza is not pan pizza when you avail those options..

it will be thinner.. two pizza which is equivalent of 1 and up by 30-40% of price..

Millville, New Jersey, United States #589681

I have worked for Pizza Hut for over three years as well as woeking for them in a different state for several years in the early nineties. THE SIZE OF THE PIZZAS HAS NOT CHANGED.

The large is 14" and the medium is 12". Maybe you should order a little more to ensure you have enough for your guests.

You're already serving them the least expensive pizza available, maybe spend a bit more and risk having a few slices left over. Geesh!

to Anonymous Fort Worth, Texas, United States #627662

Youre a liar. People arnt ***..and sure...just spend another twenty bucks on another pizza to have plenty...dont think so. ***.

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