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Pizza Hut delivered the worst pizza I have ever had; visually and taste please see the attached pix.

These pizzas speak volumes about the weak leadership, concern, and quality control practices at this store (Commerce St. Springfield, VA).

I have contacted their corporate office with no response as of today. As a consumer and active member of my community, I feel that it is my duty to expose this store for what it is in hopes that it will provide someone else with the tools to make a well informed decision about where to get food for their family. Have an excellent weekend.

Review about: Pizza Hut Pizza.

Monetary Loss: $47.

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Has any even looked at the amount of crust?Now go look at a pic of an actual PH dinner box, we all know nothing comes as it looks however it is reason when ordering pizza to get PIZZA not bread!

Not to mention that pizza is a mess!Legitimate complaint!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #908001

I wouldn't have complained.It looks reasonable for a delivery pizza.

Most people order delivery after a night of drinking.

Perhaps that was the problem....you didn't have enough to drink first.

Had there been roaches or a finger cot found in the food, you would have had a legitimate complaint.

Pic makes me want to order some now.

Richmond, Virginia, United States #902060

I received a coupon in the mail from the PH location with an apology.I sent both back to the location as I stated to them that I did not want a coupon, which I knew would be pacification method number 1.

I suggested that the locationweather be subject to an audit from their regional office. I knew that probably wouldn't happen, but that's how I wanted to be compensated.

Not to fix MY problem, but to fix THE problem in an effort to help you reading this, to get a better product than I did.I'm about solutions not band-aids.

to Saleetha Richmond, Virginia, United States #902062

...that the location be subject to an audit...


Looks good to me, nothing that warrants a post on this site.

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #671751

OMG, that is the ugliest pizza I ever saw!


A lot if incredibly immature responses, but what can you expect from the internet when anonymity is an option.

To comment on your actual problem, what is the white pizza supposed to be? Those toppings are awful I used to work at a pizzeria when I was younger, that would of never flown with my manager.

I doubt they'll do much to replace your order but did you call back to the Pizza Hut in question, also finding out if they are franchised or not is usually a big help.

Franchised establishments hold some accountability whereas independent ones may tell you to take a long walk off a short cliff.

All in all I hope they give you some sort of closure for that awful looking pizza and monstrously cut toppings.

Herndon, Virginia, United States #655478

You purchased Pizza Hut and that is what you got. What did you expect?

Los Angeles, California, United States #653107

I apologize. I did not see the other photos.

What I should have said was: What do you expect for 47 measly dollars?

Los Angeles, California, United States #653103

Really?What do you expect for 10 measly dollars?

Come get a life.This website is for real complaints.

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