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My friend ordered this dinner box from Pizza Hut tonight 5/18/2015 in Thomasville, Georgia. I'm a loyal costumer @ Pizza Hut & have ordered a lot of the dinner boxes, but I've never been served anything like this ever.

I can'believe that they would charge & serve this to anyone.

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Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, United States #1093321

Pizza hut food is horrible. Kick them out of your town and live in the building.


I really don't understand the complaint. When I drive by a landfill I'm not surprised to see tons of garbage, so why are you surprised to see pounds of garbage when you open a Pizza Hut box?

What I suggest you do next time you get a craving for pizza hut is to buy some bagels, mozz, tomato sauce, whatever toppings you like, and some hummus and pita chips.

Split the bagels, lightly sauce them, sprinkle on some cheese and then your toppings (or reverse the last two steps if your a heathen from Chicago). Next, and this will sound weird, take your toaster place it on its side and slip the two bagels in facing up. Now this part is very important so pay attention, turn your toaster on and jump into the bath with it because you're in need of some serious ECT if you think pizza hut is anything but garbage. The hummus and pita chips are to snack on after you come to because that some good stuff right there.

I get it, you live in south GA and choices are limited.

What is that?

You have a brick oven pizzeria in your town and you still choose Pizza Hut? Choke on a breadstick.


Yummm, make a lot of garlic sauce to dip all that bread in.


I can't believe you would order all that bread! You deserve whatever you got.

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