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I will never never ever use Pizza Hut in Monticello ever again.

The pizza I ordered was wrong (pepperoni when you order cheese only) and you could not get the slices apart.

The other pizza was suppose to be a meat primo and the meat was very sparse and one piece was virtually devoid of toppings. She got all defensive and said that they cut the pizzas the way they are suppose to cut them. ( her tone was extremely crappy) I told her that is not what you tell a customer who is calling with a complaint. I told her that I work customer service as well and you do not tell a client who calls to complain "that is the way you are told to cut them". She said they would remake the pizza , I said no need. I asked if she was the person I talked to when we all got sick from the hot dog pizza. She said she was not (again in a defensive *** tone) . I told her when a customer calls to complain that you do not get all defensive that the customer is trying to tell you they have a problem and the customer is treated as if they are right. I told her that she was a *** manager. She told me to never call them again. I promised her I would not and she hung up on me.

I called back and told them I would be calling corporate. I got Conner on the phone at this time. He said he had been listening in and heard me call her a *** manager and told me I was a rude customer. I asked for their managers name. I was informed that Jenny Bently was the GM. I asked what the persons name was that I spoke with, I was told "Trinity". I called back to ask what her last name was and Conner tells "trinity" that I wanted her last name. I was told she would not provide the last name and go ahead and call corporate.

Oh Trinity , you bet I will.

Here are some pictures of my receipt as well as the pizzas ordered.

This reviewer shared experience about order processing issue and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with Pizza Hut and uploaded picture s. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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If she offered to remake the pizza(s), I don't see the problem here. Pieces wouldn't separate?

One piece "devoid" of toppings?! Hahahaha.

Wow. Hate to see how they would react to a real problem.


These anonymous comments must be from the employees from this pizza hut. How is she loony? Sure, she probably shouldn't have called the manager a name, but a hit horse will holler.

to Jay #1165688

nobody hit her. she ordered cheap pizza and got what she paid for. boo hoo for her

Manchester, England, United Kingdom #1138074

Since you know so much about customer service and proceeded to argue with the employees and tell them how to do their jobs, why don't you put in an application to work there and 'show them how it's done'. The only barrier to you gaining employment at that location is the fact you are phucking loony tunes!!!

No wonder the employee refused to provide her last name!

I would have refused as well! No one wants a crazy person having their full name!


I imagine the "review" was written by an angry, morbidly obese "disabled" chain-smoker who trades her meds to her various babydaddies every month for cartons of cigarettes....

She does THIS the last week of the month. Every month. Someone's gotta pay for her free meal I supppse.....


you get snotty with them and admit you ask them "if they're the person they call when they all get sick from the hot dog pizza?" what the *** is a hot dog pizza firstly?

secondly she was right to hang up on you once you resort to insulting someone like that they don't HAVE to take it.

about calling back and asking for her last name why would anyone in their right mind give that out? many companies I've worked for forbid us from doing so for privacy of the workers.

if you were going to report her all you need is her first name only, the time & date of calling and that's all.

oh and while we're at it just to nitpick a little more.

you did in fact promise you wouldn't be calling back and then you did. and by wanting her last name after being told NOT to call back that's just harassment, no matter the reason.


Off topic, Monticello is a beautiful little town. I lived there for a couple months in 2011.


You are crazy and I would have told you the same thing they did. Let it go, and quit spending your time and energy harassing these people.

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