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I attempted to order online on Wed, Dec 17, 2014 @ 9:40p and it would not let me place an order, so I called the store to place the order and they said they could not deliver because they had no drivers...so I ended up ordering carryout, 2 8piece wings, 2 orders of waffle fries and an order of bread sticks...

now I do no have a vehicle so I had to find a ride to pick up my order... after coming home to eat, I opened to the two boxes of waffle fries to discover that they were absolutely burned... cripsy like chips... upon callin the store to complain, I got no answer...

the fries were not eatable so that was money thrown if the trash... as far as the driver situation, it seems like every time u call this location after 6-8p, they cant deliver because "they have no drivers"... this is just one of many problems Ive encountered with this location, but the only one I have addressed in such a manner. I love Pizza Hut but this is becoming a nusance...

I hope that sumthing is done about this situation and about my order...

Odessa,Tx, 8th street location, reciept number 00075...thank u

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The fries look completely normal to me. Perhaps you are throwing a temper tantrum just to get free food? Get a job, then you won't have to go around begging for free food.

to anonymous Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #929279

AND rides!!!

Walnut Ridge, Arkansas, United States #917918

Walnut Ridge ar pizza Hut is the worst in the United States of America!Hands down.

I had a girl wait on me last night that couldn't hardly talk because she was obviously high on some narcotic.It's been this way for a long time, apparently no one at the corporate level cares .

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