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I placed an order for 2 medium pizzas, ddelivery, today. They arrived few minutes before 6 pm.

I opened one box and pizza started to fall out onto my floor! I opened second box and pizza was flipped over n toppings were everywhere! I flipped pizza right side up so it doesn't fall on my floor like other one did! Look like someone just threw the pizzas into both boxes and shook them!

I called pizza hut and employee refused to let me speak to a manager. Refused to give me any information. She said she couldn't help me. I told her then to let me speak to someone who could help me.

She refused and then hangs up on me! Very unprofessional. I am one pissed off customer and very disappointed. This is what pizza hut is about.

Steals money from people, gives poor service and product. Thank you so much Pizza Hut!

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The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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I worked for a major Pizza place as a delivery driver when i was much younger. Oh....

the horror stories I could tell! lol

We discovered, from several complaints, that the pizzas were upside down, slide to one side, or just plain messed up in the box. We discovered one of our drivers was walking to the houses with the pizza under his arm vertical, like holding a book!

One would think this is common sense, but then again, apparently not!

Messed up pizza happens. One reason also this happens is to attempt to hide the fact that the driver eat a piece on the way to deliver!


Well I would be pissed and drive that trash back to their business, it's easy for them to say no over the phone.


Oh stop your *** crying! Should've known better than ordering their *** pizza in the first place. Got what your whiney *** deserved

Denver, Colorado, United States #1057086

That is pretty messed up.

to Anonymous Corpus Christi, Texas, United States #1057087

Yes it is n thank you. I'm trying to edit my post.

I just noticed it says Houston. This happened to me in Corpus Christi. I stopped wasting my money at pizza hut awhile back because of a previous incident. Thought I'd give it another try.


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