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Placed an order for pick up at 8:04pm on order confirmation email showed that the order would be ready at 8:19pm. Arrived at the store at 8:22pm, I paid and the girl on the front told me that I've arrived a little to early so I sat in front of the counter for 20 more minutes and no one called me, so I got up and asked and they pulled my order from I don't know where....

And is was cold as it came from North Pole when I asked her why she said when They called my name I was not there!!!!! Terrible customer service..... If it wasn't that my kids where craving for an ice cold pizza I would have asked for my money back.

Stop hiring kids.... And probably someone serious would get the job done correctly!!!!

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Yeah, stop hiring kids. Having a high number of unemployed young adults has never lead to war or revolt.

Why spend some extra time giving a kid their first job experience and training them when you can hire an older adult instead? Everyone knows that the older people working at the lower end jobs only work there for the love of their job and wouldn't want to be anywhere else. And it is also a known fact that adults are always more mature, physically more capable, mentally sharper, proficient at technology, and more accepting of change.

Stereotypically it is the younger generations that always yearn for the halcyon of old while fighting against the inevitable progressivism past generations are always jamming down your throat.

But seriously, for half the money and about the same time you could have picked up the ingredients and some store made dough from Publix, which are littered throughout Florida, and made a pizza at home with your kids which would have been fun for all of you as well as tasting better than the floppy circle with garbage on it that pizza hut claims is a pizza. But what do I know, I'm only three years old and I'm not allowed to cross the street without an adult.

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