City View, South Carolina

I agree with the original post...i worked for pizza suck for too long to wanna admit. I was by no means the greatest employee and definitely not the worst.

However, ive found over the years that this company is the antichrist. Theres no exaggeration there. Literally, the antichrist. I was a lead cook, a driver, a server, and trained for management.

I did it all. Sometimes at the same time to save labor(not as a manager). For a company that never issues performance evaluations, pay raises, incentives other than "a job". They are a bull.

No confidentiality or any sense of professionalism. My manager once told a co-worker of mine who was trying to complain of harassment to go confront him herself, he didnt have time to deal with it. Or threatenening fellow employees' jobs for personal gain...cheating on product for cost by sometimes even drastically cutting the amount of product the consumer should get. The list is so extensive.

Id need a stenographer and a therapist to make it through without having a nervous breakdown. I have no reason to make this up. I promise it is all completely true. To drive it home further....i was hired on at 8.00 p/hr as a cook, which is luck.

I was given a .50 raise too...all while a shift supervisor was making 7.50 p/hr.

The employees are mostly awful. Screwing each other over...showing up late or whenever they want without care, consideration, or respect to the schedule. Managers changing schedules at a moments notice without warning...only releasing schedules one week at a time on the day of. This is against labor law.

Making people stay off the clock to save labor, sending them home early or not working at all...also, trying to consistantly and constantly make employees stay hours over their intended shifts with threats of losing their job if they dont. Managers are vendictive, spiteful, and malicious. Often taking your hours or denying time off if you dont crawl on your knees to their every whim. It should be called oppressor hut.

No hr real open door one to complain to. We recycled managers like loads of laundry. They often re-hire people, and in most cases, without merrit. They due this because they dont want to interview or pay to hire someone new.

My last 2 store managers were terrible at dealing with customers to a point that even as a disgruntled employee, one would feel bad for the customer. I could go on for days, but we'll start there.

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