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I ordered a large two topping pizza and waffle fries and this is what i got.A half-crusted, burnt, dried up small pie and on top of that my order is $14 and some change, i give the driver $20 and he says thank u have a good night.

I stopped him and asked for my change. He said he had no change on him so he went to the car and brought back $2 my change is about $5 if u want a tip let me tip udont give me no *** about not havin change.

So i call the manager who says the driver will return but i never got justice.PISSED OFF!

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That pizza does suck, but you are a *** - don't get delivery if you can't afford to tip.That delivery charge doesn't go to the driver.

On a $14 order you shouldn't expect change, you're just being a cheapo.Go pick it up yourself.


awesome pic - unbelievably bad pizza

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