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Time and time again I gave this Pizza Hut chance after chance to get it right. My #FIRST bad experience with them was over a year ago. I picked up a pizza from the store and got around the corner from my house when I opened the box was pizza was SCORCHED and INEDIBLE. I immediately called back to tell them about my experience and I was offered store credit for the amount I paid for the pizza. The woman gave me her name, asked for mine and told me whenever I order again the credit would be in the system. I wasn't pleased, but I trashed the pizza (it was too late for me to take the pizza back in exchange for another) I took her word for it. When I decided to use the store credit, I called and told the young lady that I had store credit and was pretty much called a liar. She questioned me about how much my credit was for, when, who I spoke to and why. I gave her all the information she asked, including the woman's name who offered the store credit. The young lady then told me there was no one working there by that name and I had no credit at all. Needless to say, no accommodations were met and I was never given my store credit.

For a long time, I decided to strictly order PASTAS from that shop. I mean you can't really ruin a pasta right? Im not some bitter person who is out to complain. I have yet to have a bad experience with their pastas but there was an older gentleman that delivered the pasta and asked for a tip. Usually I tip if it is deserved, but I didn't tip this man because he was LATE, then had the audacity to ASK me for a tip. That's bad experience #TWO

Just last week, I orded another pasta around 11am, nearly 12. AFTER placing my online order I was notified that the pizza would not be delivered until 3:40pm. ALMOST 4 HOURS AFTER THE ORDER WAS PLACED. I called the shop and asked why. "We're a little busy here today." I asked if I could cancel my order, she then asked for my email and told me my money would be back into my account 5-7 business days later. To my surprise around 3:40 the pizza woman shows up at my door anyway. I asked her "why are you here? I cancelled my order 4 hours ago" her reply was "who did you speak to?" I told her a woman at the shop answered the phone. She told me she was the only woman there at the shop that day and I must've spoken to someone from the headquarters. So, my question is WHY would the woman at the "headquarters" tell me it was busy at the shop if she wasn't PHYSICALLY there to know that?!I didn't take the pizza, I Apologized to the employee for the false trip on pizza huts behalf! Bad experience #THREE

And the icing on the cake, tonight I ordered a $10 dinner box and my total was $14.90. The pizza was supposed to arrive at 10:52pm, instead the pizza man knocks on my door at 11:20. Completely fine, clearly I'm a patient woman. JEAN was an older gentlemen and didn't say much, he struggled to get the pizza out of the box, handed it to me and placed the receipt and pen on TOP of the pizza box for me to sign. I gave him my signature along with a 2.09 tip to give me an even $17 transaction. Before I could finish saying "Thank You, goodnight " he ran off to his car. OF COURSE, I opened the pizza box and NO LONGER TO MY SURPRISE the pizza looked Terrible! It was thrown together, and cut terribly! The cheese had slid off of the pizza and only 2 slices had enough cheese! Even my 3 year old son said "Ewwww , what happened?". All we ate from the $10 Box was 2 slices of the pizza ( the only 2 with a decent amount of cheese) and cinna sticks because the breadsticks were hard as a rock! Tonight was the last straw!Pizza Hut #0265655628 Hansel AveEdgewood, Fl 32809 Has screwed me over for the last time and I will never again order anything from PIZZA HUT ever again.It's trash. I did the survey on the back of the receipt just so they know that they suck! They can keep their $10 off $20 coupon.

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Kick pizza hut out of your town and live in the building.

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