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I ordered a pizza, got the wrong pizza, called Pizza Hut and asked for a correct pizza. It has been 2 hours...

And I haven't eaten anything but 2 wings. Which were 3 inches long. This isn't a first. I am 12 years old and my parents are now on the phone.

So what to do what to do... Not eat. There is no food. Pizza Hut is total BS.

If anyone agrees with me than kudos to you!

I can't be the only ones who this happens to. They need to properly train their employees to give at least 8/10 service.

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Nice try, 12 year old but you need a credit card to order a pizza and if you really are 12 they won't take your order.

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous Markham, Ontario, Canada #830543

That is not true, when we were having a scout meeting one of the boys 11 called another pizza restaurant, Pizza Pizza or Domino's and ordered several pizzas, they asked for a credit card number and he said we would be paying in cash, he gave a fake address and hung up. Our leaders only knew about it because they called back to confirm the order and then gathered us all around to ask who placed an order for Pizza Pizza / Domino's giving a wrong address, none of us told on him, but after the incident was over I heard one leader telling another it must have been him.

Anyways they take orders from anyone so how do they know it is not true, they just call to confirm that it is not a prank order.

I am 12 as well. I think some restaurants have a policy not taking orders from anyone that sounds under 18 but this is not one of them, besides Breyes parents ordered the pizza, they were on the phone he or she is just posting the complaint.

to First Born Triplet Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States #866218

poster is not a 12 year old

to Anonymous #873529

you don't need a credit card to order a pizza from the Hut. I order pizza all the time without card

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