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Pizza hut down in Key west florida needs major help! To make a long story short, ordered 1 dinner box an 11:16 (they open at 11:00) order went smooth quoted it take to about 12:20 to arrive. As i thought to myself that sure is a long quote they just opened 16 minutes ago it shouldnt be busy. I didnt say anything i just ignored it. So im waiting an waiting 12:20 rolls around an still no pizza. So i call very kindly an ask what the hold up may be....
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WTF!! Ordered pizza from the "closest" pizza hut according to the website when we put the delivery address in and order was given to 11th street which has BAD reviews!! did NOT want that store and website didn't say it was closer either!! Had already paid on line and money was removed from account and then delivery person says it will be refunded and they will have to manually take the cc # AGAIN to give us the order!! RIDICULOUSLY POOR CUSTOMER...
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I liked
  • Other location
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  • Website screw up not asked if ok for bad loca orderbilled
The croutons in the ceasar salad were stale, chicken on top were burnt with little to no garlic parm. sauce, incredibly small portion. Honey bbq sandwich wasnt toasted properly and the cheese was half melted to the bun, almost no sauce on the sandwich as well. I have been dis-satisfied with every single order recently and regret ever spending the money. Decided to give you one last shot to no avail. Needless to say I wont be ordering pizza hut...
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