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Order was more then online total. We have our neighbor over and she wanted to order pizza hut.

We went with it even though we've had our bad experiences with them. My wife ordered 2 large pizzas 2 (2) litters and bread sticks. I had enough for the total upon order completion in cash to pay the total from the online total. They didn't indicate a delivery fee after the online total.

They did not add it to the order total before closing the online quoted price of 35.73 The total after the online total was 38.72 I had the 38 dollars and was short the 72 cents. The delivery guy would not that go. I just simply got irate because they did not disclose the delivery fee with the online order total. No after the online total did this become a fricking problem.

I told him take his *** back. I'll order from dominos their total is a whole 5 dollars less then *** hut. Never seems be a positive out come with this *** company.

Never! Thank you dominos always a better deal then fu hut

Review about: Pizza Hut Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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First of all, there is ALWAYS a delivery fee. If you didn't see one online, you probably missed it or should have at least questioned.

Second, as stated below, you weren't going to give the driver a decent tip? You deserved this.


Wow, really?? You expect the delivery driver to cover your 1.00?

You didn't even take into account his tip. You're a cheapskate.

I ordered from Pizza Hut semi recently and the delivery fee was present online. Smh.

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