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Ordered a large hand tossed pepperoni pizza from the Knoxville Iowa Pizza Hut, was burnt to a crisp when delivered. Called them back and they knew it was burnt as they said "they didn't think it was really to bad" .

Overpriced is bad enough but overpriced and burnt !! No more of my paycheck will go there I work hard for my money to many other pizza places that care about me as a customer to go to. I even wrote a complaint on Pizza Hut online and imagine nooooooooooooo response.

So anywhere but Pizza Hut. Grosss Gross Gross Gross

Review about: Pizza Hut Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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I've had a similar experience. They really don't care about there customers. They would if people stopped ordering from them.


You are a ***, eat at Jack in the Box for the french toast stacks at applebees because of the quick fox at the watering hole in canton because it can't be beaten with a wooden spoon because eggs tend to freeze when they are attacked by wild chickens.

to Jimbob #1034656

Lay off the bottle.


good god talk about burnt offerings !


*** I wouldn't have paid for that. I would've paid the delivery kid to take it back and shove it up their ***.


I ordered 2 pizzas to find one of them had cardboard cooked into it when I called to let them no they offered me a new pizza. Like I will ever eat at the Bradley il pizza hut again. Makes that burned pizza not look so bad


PIZ-OWNED. Yeah, complain to corp.

Too many people have jobs they don't even care about how good of a job they do. I'd KILL for that job.


OMG that thing is awful don't blame you for not going back.

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