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I ordered carry out pizza by phone with only chicken and green pepper as toppings.But when I started eating the pizza at home, I found there were 2 type of meat in it.

One that was chicken (wheatish colored) and the other meat pieces seem to be beef. I am not allowed to eat beef/pepperoni as per my religion. But have consumed some parts. I crossed checked photos and it confirms it to be another meat type.

I have photos of the pizza and the meat pieces. This is not at all acceptable as it is not as per my order and would like to get some solution.

This is not just any complaint.It is something that has gone against my religious values and I do not know how this could be settled.

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Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States #1257575

I do...Cook at home buddy..that is the only surefire way that you can be certain there is not even cross contamination.Most restaurants that do honor special diets have these dishes annotated.

At a restaurant like pizza hut even though you may not see the meat there still may be lard in the dough or pepperoni grease from a previous pizza on the pan your pizza is baked on. I have witnessed customers repeated concerns be totally disregarded at times and this too is why I recommend eating at, even then paying close attention to ingredients with specific names, such as lard and gelatin, and more covert inclusions of ingredients like.. stearic acid, tallow, suet.

Just saying...to be so precise, one must not leave his own demise to the compromise of another.


Dude....there's SAUSAGE everywhere on that pizza. Are you Stevie Wonder, or just ***?

Avon Park, Florida, United States #1183512

I LOVE it!A Camel!!!

Ha-Ha.Good one.

Avon Park, Florida, United States #1183511

WAA, WAA, WAA..The religous stuff is ***...You can eat a chicken but not a cow?!!!Hmmm..

What'd the cow ever do to you? I hope you don't have children you force this bologna on. You've probably denied them their Birthday Celebrations and Christmas too. And you wonder why you're outcasted?

This is a start.

Go back.We here in the USA eat meat!

Kokomo, Indiana, United States #955800

Mistakes get made, it happens, i am a vegetarian and do not eat any meat, bird or fish or even eggs for 25 ..i eat out a lot and mistakes get made..learn to check your food before eating, if a mistake is made call the store...simple

Wichita, Kansas, United States #939071

I know how it can be settled.You can stop worshipping a pretend god who won't allow you to eat beef, but lets you stuff your face with as much fowl (chicken for you idiots) as your stomach can hold.

Your religious values are a pile of s**t. Those of us who live in the REAL world have to endure the whining and complaining and wars that result from your "values" and we are S-I-C-K to death of it.

Now that I have vented, I'll back off and be nice.

You are probably a decent and kind person who would be much happier if you would not have to obey antiquated, silly religious requirements that only stand in the way of your enjoyment of life.So try a Meat Lovers Pizza and enjoy your weekend!

to ksjeffrey Baldwin Park, California, United States #953164

You are an insisitve ***! if a person order something they should get what they ordered regardless of religion or who knows maybe they don't like beef. The next time you order a 15- 20 dollar pizza I hope they completely F it up then we will see how you feel about people completely messing up what you ordered

Westfield, Massachusetts, United States #899518

Religion is total *** and a waste. It sucks the fun right out of things and has no rewards for doing so.

to Lexie Baldwin Park, California, United States #953166

dumme this is not about religion this is about receiving what you pay your hard earned money for why do you even comment on sites like this you need to just go back in your basement how did you get internet In there anyway ***


Seeing how you have white fingers, it cant be against your religion to eat meat.By the way isnt Chicken considered meat, or is it special because it is poultry?

Chickens eat their own ***, even more than pigs. Could have been pack rat *** and not beef as you are thinking.

For future reference examine your food before blindly stuffing into mouth.

Another pearl of wisdom check your order on out to the car, bus, or camel.Then complain appropriately...

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