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Hello, I am reaching out to you because of a problem I have recently had with the manager at 4101 10th st pizza hut located in Great Bend. I usually dont go to corporate but nothing has been done to try to solve this issue.

I was a former employee until i walked out on June 26 due to the fact my manger cussed at me numerous times over text message. ( which i have proof ) I worked at that store for almost 2 years, half of the time i was shift manager.

It was June 26 and i walked in at 5pm to start my shift as cook that night, but there wasnt a manager on duty. NO ONE certified to run the store. There was only two wait staff and a driver.

NOT EVEN A COOK! so one of the wait staff was cooking, answering the phones,greeting customers and using the cash register for drive thru pick ups for over 2 hours. ( thats why we miss so many phone calls) . So i clock in and start making the orders that pop up in the kitchen and thats when the wait staff walk up to me and tell me that he was thinking about walking out because he was running the store and only making $3 a hour.

So i text my manager asking why there wasn't a manager on duty and thats when she went off on me cussing at me calling me names ( such as being B*chty and pissy) . It was very unprofessional and no employee should be treated like that, ever. This isnt the first time this has happened and it HAS TO STOP because its not going to stop. NO EMPLOYEE SHOULD EVER BE TREATED LIKE THIS.

MY manager is the reason people wont stay at that store. something has to be done about this. Ive NEVER been so disrespected before in my life. Well you guys please do something because this is outrageous!!!

Nothing been done to solve this issue.... and i dont know what else to do.

This isn't the only problem we have had with her , i bet if you get someone to go down to that store you will see how disrespectful she is to a lot of her employees. Ive seen many issues involving her screaming at employees and even customers.

Dont take just my word for it ,go ask some employees. I KNOW they have seen it to.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pizza Hut Manager.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Jul 12.
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Ignore Durpa. The prose of the text messages show a complete lack of professionalism from this "Manager".

What kind of company would allow a manager to speak with another employee in this fashion?

The more I read of the post, the more this poor behavior becomes evident."Ive seen many issues involving her screaming at employees and even customers."This seems to indicate a total lack of leadership and respect for follow employees. Not to mention the upmost sin of a service professional yelling at an actual customer.

to Anonymous #1525820

thank you so much for seeing it. i only wish someone would investigate the issue at hand.

I dont know how she doesn't get in trouble at all because so many cases has been issued to HQ about her behavior. :(


You’re the one who started the issue. You have no right to call out a manager on .

Their personal phone on their personal time. Deal with it.

to Durpa #1525819

first off she was the one that was breaking the laws by letting someone uncertified to run the store, that can result in closer of the store. Second her phone number is the only way we can ever reach her outside of work, and trust me ive tried to call her but she never answers.

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