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We stopped buying pizza from Pizza Hut a year ago when they started charging for crushed red peppers and parmesan.I don't see the logic in this business decision of theirs.

Not offering peppers and parmesan with pizza is like getting a hot dog without mustard, or a hamburger without ketchup! Sure, you can eat it without those things but who wants to? I like mustard on my hot dogs and I like red peppers on my pizza. The last time I ordered from Pizza Hut I was told I had to pay for the peppers and parmesan.

When I protested the delivery guy told me that "all the pizza places are charging for them now." Total LIE!! In fact, with five kids at home (plus their friends), within the past year I have ordered lots of pizza from every pizza restaurant, EXCEPT Pizza Hut, and not one of them has ever tried to charge me for peppers or parmesan! Talk about cheap!! I have no reason to continue to do business with Pizza Hut, especially when there are plenty of much better pizza places to choose from!

Who needs Pizza Hut?Not us!

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Bryan, Texas, United States #1325134

i don't even see where online pepper packets can be ordered.Did I miss it.

I prefer Pizza Hut.

Didn't know charges for requests for packets.Again I don't even know how on line to submit request for them

Maple Grove, Minnesota, United States #822012

I found it too today. No more business with them ....


You know you can buy these condiments at the store to have with your pizza. I also don't think a few extra cents for parmesan and crushed peppers are going to set you back too much, Mrs. Cheapskate.

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous Toronto, Ontario, Canada #822066

Agrees and if they don't have the money for it don't demand it.

to Anonymous #1133066

Of course it wouldn't set her back much, but it's the principle of the thing.You missed the point.

You can also sell hot dogs without mustard and make people bring their own mustard, but people won't want to bring it with them and also won't want to eat at your hot dog stand.

When you buy food somewhere you expect to get condiments with it, and you do get them everywhere else, except Pizza Hut.If anyone is being a "cheapskate" it's Pizza Hut.

to Anonymous New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #1133227

YOU are missing the point!!!There is a big cost difference between providing a free squirt of mustard and supplying free grated Parmesan cheese and crushed red peppers!

And, no one said anything about someone carrying condiments around with them. If you had read the complaint, you would have realized it was in regards to a delivery order! Someone has to pay for those condiments and I think that someone should be the person who orders and consumes them. I would much rather see this company charge the individual as opposed to raising prices for everyone, in order to absorb the cost!

I don't want to pay higher pizza prices because some chick in Phoenix, Arizona thinks the world owes her free cheese and peppers! But judging from what she wrote, looks like (so she claims) she isn't going to order from Pizza Hut anymore, so end of story. BTW: if the original poster is reading this, I would like to know why you would protest to the delivery driver?

What do you suppose the delivery driver is empowered to do?You were just another headache to deal with that day.

to CH #1390117

If you don’t disagree with the fact that they are now charging for them how did you come across this post?Hmm makes little sense if you couldn’t care less.

What do they call those people that just go around trying to cause an argument online?

Well whatever it is you seem to be one of them lol on another note I don’t think it’s a big deal that they now charge for these extras we could just opt to buy them and keep them on hand at home I suppose.Or go elsewhere lol

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #709480

I'm a former Pizza Hut worker.Let me give you a reality check: Pizza Hut employees aren't PAID enough to tolerate your whiny b*tch*ng.

So if you want better service, then write a letter to corporate and to the hospitality management group demanding a 10% raise for the workers or you'll make good on your idle threat to boycott.(Trust me, most of you p*ss-and-moaners eventually DO come back, much to our mutual regret!)

to Been_There_Served_That #1130991

I know right especially people that throw there money on the front counter like wtf

to Been_There_Served_That #1390120

Believe it or not there are some people who deliver great customer service regardless of pay because well it’s something discussed at the time of hiring is it not? Apparently someone made a bad judgment call with you.

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